Monday, December 14, 2015

a Birthday and 17 Months!

I'm doing good this week, tired.haha We have been working hard, but it's been super fun as of late. We also played soccer on a big field today and I got the testimony that I have gotten fat and out of shape.hahaha! I don't have much time today.  Just wanted to tell you all that I love you!  We will talk more next week!  Tell Gracie Happy Birthday from her big brother and tell her I love her and that she better be staying away from the boys or I will come home early to hurt them! haha  Wednesday is a special day not only Grace's bday but I also hit 17months in the mission!  I love you all so much.

Elder Chavez

Monday, December 7, 2015

I went to the hospital this week

Well I went to the hospital this week. With my companion he got sick so I had to take him there Friday morning at like 2 in the morning. hahaha Sorry for the scare!! My companion is super sensitive to stuff here and has been sick like all his mission so we ate fish the other day and then in the morning he was like dying from a stomach ache and we had to like sprint to the hospital because he has problems with his stomach in the mission so we didn't know what it was. Beside that this week was really long with all the dumb stuff we had to do. We were able to find five new people this week which was good but nobody went to church which is really frustrating but we'll get them this week. But that one kid that we were going to baptised is still going to get baptised but it looks like in the Bogota north mission, because he called us this week to let us know that he moved and that he was hoping it wasn't a problem so it's not so much but kinda a bummer that our baptism is in a different place but I'm happy that he´ll still get to that important part in his life. My companion is fine after we spent 5 hours at the hospital.  It was just better to be safe than sorry.  He almost left a few months ago because he is having so many problem.  So I am glad it was nothing.  I won't be able to call this year.  so we need to plan now for skipping on Christmas.  My companion wants to do it after lunch so around 2:00 our time 12:00 your time.  Well I gotta go, I love you all so much talk to you soon.

Elder Chavez