Monday, July 27, 2015

Many Blessings

Well we had combios yesterday, well technically today ... and I found out what I will be doing for the next six weeks. Well ... I'm staying in Chicoral and with my companion!!! I was pretty sure that we were going to get a change, He has drove me up the wall as you have all seen but, I have been given many blessings in the last week. I have started to see the Lords hands playing a bigger part in my own personal life, I have started to lose myself more than ever. Today when they called with the new I was hoping for a change and I did get one! I have been called to be a district leader again! And I honestly have felt so good all day. I know the Lord is giving me another chance to help my companion in this transfer and me to help the other Elders out. I'm getting really excited for this transfer I hope and pray that I can be guided to help then with their needs. It's going to be fun!

Elder Chavez

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy Hump Day Elder Chavez!

One Year!!!! I can honestly say we never thought we'd reach this day and yet we blinked and here we are.  We miss you so much, but know the work you are doing is changing generations to come.  You have grown so much over the past year! We can hardly wait to see what this year holds for you! We love you and Miss you so much but most of all we are so very Proud of you Elder Chavez!  The people of Colombia are so lucky to know you and your testimony of the Gospel.  And just for the record Mason .... Only 365 DAYS LEFT !!!!  (I know ... stop counting!) Have Fun, Work hard and most of all Enjoy this Journey!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Keep on Praying

Well things have been going alright. I can't say better cause I don't want to lie but that's how it's been. I've been super tired because I am literally doing everything. But I'm proud. I'm proud that I have started to love all of this stuff, it hurts me to see that my companion doesn't feel the the same. But this week has some really good parts too. We got to meet President Baquerizo, who is awesome and reminds me a lot of my father. He brought three kids here to the mission with his wife and they are an awesome family. I could honestly feel his love from the moment he hugged me. I was able to have my first interview with him and it was a little different, because we didn't say a word about me, we just talked about what was going on with my companion well what's still is going on. Haha President Barquerizo told me he doesn't know why my companion came or why the lord sent him here. But he said he does know that the Lord trusts me and that I can change this Elders life. And I can honestly say I have tried so hard this last week. I sit him down like every other day and we talk about the problems he has, still I am really confused. He doesn't like me to teach with the scriptures because he doesn't believe in them. I set goals with him to pray and read and be obedient and then in the next hour he tries to go and take a nap or sleeps in or comes to study late, that's when it hurts, he's choosing not to do his part, it's like I'm living with an investigator. But the work isn't all bad I hope you guys don't think that I'm sad or what ever because I'm fine. I actually had a really good week with the members that have taken a little notice of the situation and have started to help me more, I have made some really good friends here. Friends that I will have forever. I wish I could write more but I hope all is well I'm printing pics of the dogs because all the members are way excited to meet them. Haha i love you and dad does look hubba hubba! Haha have fun and take care..
Love Elder Chavez
Mason's Dog Sophie had puppies on July 2nd!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lots of Prayers Needed

Mason Has asked for our prayers,  He is having some issues with his companion.  His companion has told him that he doesn't believe in Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ and also that he does not believe in the scriptures more that he believes in the science behind things.  Mason is meeting with his mission president tomorrow for interviews and will discuss everything with him but for now he has asked that we pray for him,  that he can be an instrument in the Lords hands and help his companion.  He is a new companion ... a new missionary and has only been out 3 weeks.  Please pray for him.  Also one of Mason's close childhood friend's Dad committed suicide last week.  His other close friend emailed Mason this week asking for Prayers for the family. It's been a tough week For a lot of people.  May we remember them in our prayers and help ease their burdens. Mason says thank you for all your love and support.

A Day late

Ok well I couldn't write you yesterday because Elder Galleguillo got emergency transfered. They called us and said he was going to Bogota, so all day we were running around trying to get him ready to go, but the thing that killed me is that there are a ton of parties right now in this part of Colombia so when we went to write there was not even one store open. I was worrying about you last night I knew you would probably freak out so I'm sorry I tried my best. So anyways I got a new companion he came this morning, I had to stay the night with some other elders in the next town over from us. But his name is Elder Condori he is from Peru. He's 25 years old and has two weeks in the mission. haha so I'm training again. hahah another adventure, but he seems really cool we've only been together for like 5 hours now but we are already getting along great. This last week was pretty slow again, but we were able to do some pretty cool things. We went to Ibague one day because my mission president is going home. Today is his last day here and our new president gets here tomorrow. It was really sad to see him go. I still remember when I started and I didnt like him ... I thought he was a jerk for telling me not to write Courtney, but man to I love that guy. He has always been there to help me and love us. He told me how proud he was of me when he gave me the last hug goodbye. Wish I would have gotten to spend more time with him. That's the down side of the hot lands, you don't get to see the people like you do in Bogota. But hey I'm going to complete one year here in the hot lands and hopefull the next year too. Haha if I dont die of sweating to much. hahahaa! I love you all.

Elder Chavez