Monday, July 6, 2015

Lots of Prayers Needed

Mason Has asked for our prayers,  He is having some issues with his companion.  His companion has told him that he doesn't believe in Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ and also that he does not believe in the scriptures more that he believes in the science behind things.  Mason is meeting with his mission president tomorrow for interviews and will discuss everything with him but for now he has asked that we pray for him,  that he can be an instrument in the Lords hands and help his companion.  He is a new companion ... a new missionary and has only been out 3 weeks.  Please pray for him.  Also one of Mason's close childhood friend's Dad committed suicide last week.  His other close friend emailed Mason this week asking for Prayers for the family. It's been a tough week For a lot of people.  May we remember them in our prayers and help ease their burdens. Mason says thank you for all your love and support.

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