Monday, December 14, 2015

a Birthday and 17 Months!

I'm doing good this week, tired.haha We have been working hard, but it's been super fun as of late. We also played soccer on a big field today and I got the testimony that I have gotten fat and out of shape.hahaha! I don't have much time today.  Just wanted to tell you all that I love you!  We will talk more next week!  Tell Gracie Happy Birthday from her big brother and tell her I love her and that she better be staying away from the boys or I will come home early to hurt them! haha  Wednesday is a special day not only Grace's bday but I also hit 17months in the mission!  I love you all so much.

Elder Chavez

Monday, December 7, 2015

I went to the hospital this week

Well I went to the hospital this week. With my companion he got sick so I had to take him there Friday morning at like 2 in the morning. hahaha Sorry for the scare!! My companion is super sensitive to stuff here and has been sick like all his mission so we ate fish the other day and then in the morning he was like dying from a stomach ache and we had to like sprint to the hospital because he has problems with his stomach in the mission so we didn't know what it was. Beside that this week was really long with all the dumb stuff we had to do. We were able to find five new people this week which was good but nobody went to church which is really frustrating but we'll get them this week. But that one kid that we were going to baptised is still going to get baptised but it looks like in the Bogota north mission, because he called us this week to let us know that he moved and that he was hoping it wasn't a problem so it's not so much but kinda a bummer that our baptism is in a different place but I'm happy that he´ll still get to that important part in his life. My companion is fine after we spent 5 hours at the hospital.  It was just better to be safe than sorry.  He almost left a few months ago because he is having so many problem.  So I am glad it was nothing.  I won't be able to call this year.  so we need to plan now for skipping on Christmas.  My companion wants to do it after lunch so around 2:00 our time 12:00 your time.  Well I gotta go, I love you all so much talk to you soon.

Elder Chavez

Monday, November 30, 2015

Crazy Day!

Things have been crazy today, things got changed around as of late. WE had transfers this week, but now we have transfers on monday instead of tuesday. So my Companion left and I have been at the stake center all day sending and reciving missionaries, which has been super boring. haha My new companion is Elder Smith, he is from indiana and he has been one of my good friends all mission, we are from the same group. He was my zone leader in Girardot for like 4 months and now we are together. haha But this week has been good we have been doing a lot as of late so that's really good. So I should be having a baptism kind soon I think and hope. His name is Andres he is 22 and is from the coast, and was progressing a ton a few weeks ago but he got a new job so we lost complete contact with him for like 2 weeks but this last week we found him again and he came to church and he says he knows he needs to be baptized so that is really cool. he only needs one more attendance and then he can get dunked so I'm getting excited for that, but besides him we need to find more, That's why I'm exctited for my new companion, he really likes to work hard so I think we can kick some butt this transfer!

Elder Chavez

Last weeks letter ... this week

The work has been hard as of late, we need to make some changes, WE are working alone here. we keep finding people but they don't progress because the don't know anyone to help them out. We have a leadership conference with out presiente this Wednesday and I think that can help us out a lot. I have started to feel better here though, those first few weeks I got kinda stressed out like normal. But this last week I felt the spirit a lot! I was able to go on an intercambio with Elder Mcgee, my good friend and we killed it. WE and the people were crying in like every lesson. haha it was really fun
Love you all 

Elder Chavez

Monday, November 16, 2015

Knocking on Doors

Well sounds like everyone had a decent week at home so that makes me way happy. I have been trying really hard to pray a lot harder for you guys especially with all the things that are going on right now. Things went well this week I have kinda started to change my strategy with the work as of late. We have had a hard time working with the members so last week we started to knock on doors like crazy. We had a meeting with our mission presiente this last Thursday and we talked a ton about the importance of finding people, and i felt bad. haha we were working really hard but at the same time coming home at the end of the day without any news and I knew that I was being a good example for my zone so I told my companion we are going to start knocking doors to find. He was hesitant at first and so was I, it's not the most effective way to work but in the last three days of the week we were able to find 7 people. So I felt a lot better, I know the Lord has called me to lead these Elders and Sisters, but I know that he also called me to learn how to do the things his way. I have lacked that in the last few weeks I think, I have been trying my best but I haven't always done it the way that the Lord wanted me too. So I am going to focus on that now, how can I do the Lords will in all things. We had a new family go to church, a family of 4! haha but it's going to be kind of difficult with them, they are all women. A mom and her three daughters, and they all have the boyfriends and let's just say they have to make a few challenges with that. haha but the mom is really good and really wants to change her life, it looks like she has always done what's wrong and she wants to feel something more now. It's been awesome to see the Book of Mormon work in her, she really gets it. Things have been good, I just really want to get better, I feel as if I am missing something here in Bogota. I'm just trying to follow the spirit as best as I can so I'm excited for this new week to start. I went to the temple this morning so I feel good and ready, I am so glad that we have our savior and the chance to better each and every day with the atonement.

Elder Chavez


I receive an email this morning with this beautiful note and drawing.  I am in awe! So grateful for the many people who have taken Mason in and who have loved and cared for him in our absence.

Él amor no es una pose, que debas hacer, ni es un esfuerzo adicional, sino una expresión natural, que no da espera a un pensamiento para actuar en bien de alguien, el amor no te da chance de hacer una elección diferente a su plan original, que es darlo todo sin pedir nada, quien no ama observa el dolor de lejos, y reclama ayudas ajenas para quien padece, y si brinda su ayuda espera la recompensa, es un simple espectador de ausencias o presencias, de tristezas o alegrías, pero no se alegra de esa alegría, ni se compadece de esa tristeza, el amor no es una obligación, es una condición, que te convierte en un voluntario del bienestar de alguien, en un héroe silencioso, en un guardián perfecto, cuando amas no te detiene ninguna tormenta, ningún aguacero, ningún capricho, a menos que ese capricho supere al amor, ninguna otra elección a menos que esa elección, supere al amor, por eso el precioso Santo de Israel, durante el concilio celestial, dijo sin temor, sin condición – heme aquí, envíame- (Abraham 3: 27), y estando en esta tierra se sacrificó por nosotros, y pidió misericordia por quienes le herían, porque tenía una condición celestial, pertenecía a un reino celestial y esa condición es el amor…

Love is not a pose, you must, or is an extra effort, but a natural expression, which does not wait for a thought to act for the good of someone, love does not give you a chance to make a different choice to your plan original, which is to give everything without asking for anything, who does not love watching the pain away, and claims of others for who suffers aids, and if provides assistance expected reward is a spectator of absence or presence of sorrows and joys, but it does not rejoice in that joy, or sympathizes with the sadness, love is not an obligation, it is a condition that makes you a volunteer welfare of someone, in a quiet hero, a perfect guardian, when you love no stopping you no storm, no rain, no caprice, whim unless that exceeds the love, no other choice unless that choice, exceeding love, so the precious Holy One of Israel, for heaven's council, said without fear, unconditionally - here I am, envíame- (Abraham 3: 27), and being in this land sacrificed for us, and asked for mercy for those who hurt you, because he had a heavenly condition, belonged to a celestial kingdom and that condition is the love ...

If you have a second take a look at his amazing work on his blog!

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Crazy Story of Course

This was a good week but still pretty hard. Things here are quite different in Bogota. The people are a lot more closed off, so we have had a really hard time to find new people. It's way weird too because everyone works until night time, So we really don't have visits until like six and i really don't like that. haha In tierra client I always worked with the members but here it is hard because they hardly have time to let us in. But I have noticed that the people here are really faithful. When we leave them an assignment the actually do it. So that makes it easier to find investigators who actually progress. I have times when I really miss my old branch, but I know with the time I'll make some good friends here too. We actually had a baptism this week and it was crazy. Sorry I didn't give you an update ... we didn't really know what was going on with the lady but we got her and her daughter in the water. But with a crazy story of course, so we had our baptism service after another group of elders, but those other elders didn't know the water was emptying after they baptised the guy, so when we went to do our baptism there was no water, so we had to fill it up and the water storage pump in the church is all out of water so we had to wait like an hour to have it fill up again. It just barley had enough water to get to like my knee. so hardly any. But the worst part is that the water was freezing cold. So when I went to baptize the little girl she freaked out and  we had to do it twice. haha but the best part is yet to come. The water level was like too low to baptize the mom so my mission president told me to sit down in the water while my companion was baptising her to make the level go up! So we were all in there together in freezing cold water. But we got it done. hahah Have a good Week I love you all!

Elder Chavez

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween. This last week was pretty crazy and kinda hard to be honest but I was able to have some really awesome experiences. First off today, I went to the TEMPLE for the first time in over a year and it was awesome it was something that I really need, I was able to renew these awesome convenios with the Lord, I love that we can do that. We also had an emergency stake conference this week. And I was able to meet two 70s one was Elder Godoy who is in the area presidency  I have really admired him after he gave that talk on patrical blessings the one I sent you. So that was awesome and the conference was so powerful. Halloween was pretty fun here I have some pic's so I hope you all enjoy!
Elder Chavez
Halloween 2015

Good Friend Elder McGee

Monday, October 26, 2015

Life has been turned upside down

Yeah! So my life has been turned upside down in the last week. Bogota is like a whole different world. It's been fun but at the same time kinda hard on me, I have been a little home sick for my branch in Chicoral. It was so hard to say goodbye down there, I went home on the last night crying like a little baby. We worked really hard this last week and we did some good things here, but it's hard because I still have no clue where I am or who the people are and everyone here is busy so it not like you just have time to bond really we teach and then we leave, they are all in a rush. It's been really spiritual though especially yesterday in church they talked about the atonement a lot and it was something that I need. I had felt a little alone in the week and stressed out with all these new responsibilities but hearing more about my Savior helped. That's why this week I want us to ponderize 2 nephi 25 : 23. It talks about the grace, the help we get from God, but it says we have to do every thing we possibly can first. I know it might be hard here at first because it's a big change, but I know if I keep going forward doing everything I will receive the grace of God. So I hope you can all keep going on too! haha I've had to use my arteyrx jacket all week cause I've been so cold. haha but I'm already getting used to it the first night I had to sleep with like 3 shirts on and my jacket. haha love you all!

Elder Chavez

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bogota Bound!

Well the call has been made looks like after 15 months of serving in the hot lands I will be headed to Bogotá!! haha it's going to be a huge change to be honest, First time in Bogota. I will also be with an Elder from my group, Elder Quinlin from Texas, I will be having my first gringo companion. And the third new thing is that I have been assigned to be Zone Leader. I feel overwhelmed. hahaha but good at the same time, I knew that there would be some changes in this transfer but man did the Lord really want to mix things up on me. But I know it's what he wants of me and I'm going to do the very best that I can, I know I need to get better and learn a lot more and I think this will be a great opportunity to repent and to start working harder. It will be and has been hard saying goodbye today but I know the lord will watch over this place. I have become great friends with my companion and I have confidence in him I know he will do new and better things in the area. So that's why for this week I chose a classic scripture for our family 1 nephi 3 : 7. I don't know how I will be as a zone leader or in Bogota but I know the Lord will prepare the way for me and for all of us if we are willing to go forth and do what he has asked of us.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Here o mas alla

Well This last week was really fun but hard at the same time. The week started off super slow but in the last three days week kick butt and we're able see this week come to past. We have been finding a lot of new people to teach and that is my biggest goal for this next week to find a ton of new people. The transfers are this upcoming Sunday  So it looks like it could possibly be my last week in this little pueblito but that's ok I feel ready now. I just want to leave the area as best as I can for the new elder that will come and that they can have alot more success than I had here. It will be like leaving the family again with some of the people, but just like with you guys I know I will see them all again wether it be here o mas alla.  

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

So much to do ... So little time

This week was really different to be honest we had to run around a lot I went to another area to help out an Elder and then the next day the other elders in my district called us and one was way sick and they had no way to leave the house to go buy them food or medicine. So we had to go there and it took all day long. The conference was awesome though like always there's so much to learn and do and so little time. Oh and I got the package I almost forgot to tell you it was awesome thank you so much!!

Elder Chavez

iré y haré like Nefi said

Things have been really good, this week was a whole lot better I was able to progress a lot with my companion and we had interviews with our mission president. I Was able to talk to him about a lot, normally the interviews last like 20 min but we talked for like an hour asnwering my quesitons and just getting things going for the future. He told me something that did make me kinda sad, He told me that it is almost a sure thing that I will be leaving Chicoral in the next 3 weeks he said that I need to prepare my companion and the area for a new missionary. Haha I hope I can do what he and the Lord have asked of me. WE have baptisms in the  next week, and then looks like I be heading out. But hey thats the point right iré y haré like nefi said (I will go and do like Nephi said). But I'm excited I feel a lot better as of late with a new spirit so that has made things really fun.

Elder Chavez

Birthday Celebration ... it is tradition to smash and egg on your head and then dump
flour over it! So grateful for members like Sandra Patricia Garcia Perdomo
Who have taken mason  in and taken care of him!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Things are a little Different

Things have been going pretty good down here. A little different ...the mission is starting to change a little with the system of things. It's made me feel different, I feel that we are starting to lose focus on the people and to only focus on the baptisms. Which I swore a long time ago I would never do. It's made me think a lot more about myself as well and I haven't liked that one bit. But this up coming week we have interviews with our president so I'm really excited to see what he can have to say to me to help me be a better missionary. We were able to find some sweet people this week, We have been working well with members and had three new families presented to us. That's what I love to have confidence from the people to help their loved ones. I have come to love the people here so much, I think it could be a bad thing sometimes because it will be really hard to leave here one day, the people always tell me that times going down. Scary that really sucks I want to be out here for as long as I can I need to get better and change a lot more. haha Its been good though, I think the mission is just going through a change and it's made a lot of us uncomfortable. I went on an intercambio with my Friend Elder Haralson and he has felt the same ever sense the things have been changed up. But I'm trying my best to do what I'm supposed to I just feel a huge need to be better as of late and want to know what more I can do. Sounds like the Chavez curse still lives ... I've been kinda sick the last few days too just like the girls, just a head cold but it hasn't affected the work at all so thats been good! love and miss you all

Elder Chavez

Monday, September 14, 2015

We ended the Week Good

Well this last week was pretty good, but kinda hard. We had good fun days with our district and our zone but with this last week being transfers we had to help out a lot and we ended up losing a lot of time. We kinda had to run around all over  the place. I have now officially been to every single area in this zone. I got to go to Melgar this last week which is the area of my good friend Elder Haralson ,my companion from the mtc. I had to go there to help them out with a baptism interview. I forgot to tell you that my district had grown ... in the past it was just my companion and I with two other elders but now we have two more Elder with us. So that makes things a lot more fun. So after a whole week of running around we got to my birthday which was pretty fun. I woke up to some fun phone calls from the members singing to me, and then that night we went out to celebrate. haha one of the familias invited me to dinner, so we ran and ate some hamburgers with them. My one really good friends here. Sister Sandra couldn't do anything on Saturday so we went to her house yesterday and she made me a huge fruit salad. I'll have to send you a picture of it. We ended the week good though. We have a new family they have actually come to church for a long time but haven't wanted to take the discussions from us because they wanted to be ready. So this last week we started to visit them and they are way excited to be baptized, they have a date for the 3 of October so we are working really hard with that. I really want to get lost more, I feel like for a while there I lost some of my vision and started thinking more about me and that was really wrong of me. I hate the fact that I have only ten months left, I want to get better and I don't have the time I need. But I guess that's why I have the lord, to help me with that that I can not do. 

Elder Chavez

Saturday, September 12, 2015

HaPpY 20Th BiRtHdAy MaSoN!

Happy 20Th Birthday Elder Mason Chavez!  I can't even believe that 20 years have passed since you made me a mom.  I Love you so much and I am so grateful that you chose Me for your mom!  I hope this year brings you more adventures and lots of blessings! We miss you so much but are so grateful for your example and service.  And just think ... this is the last birthday we will spend apart.  I hope you know we are thinking of you today.  We will celebrate in your honor by eating lots of Mexican food.  We love you! You are my Sunshine! 


Monday, September 7, 2015

I can still be Joven!

Well this last week was a pretty good one, we were able to do a lot of things. Like I said in the past, my new mission president has established some goals for us that we should try to complete each week. And to be totally honest I think it's cool that we need to be finding new people every day and always inviting people to be baptized,  but at the same time I have felt uncomfortable doing it. I have always worked really well with the members and that's how I have always had success but with this new system working with the members doesn't cut it. So I have really gone out of my comfort zone in the last few weeks, but this last week I started to figure things out a lot better and we were able to have success. We had a baptism which was really cool, it was pretty spiritual, the sister was super happy! She came out of the water and grabbed my hand and looked at me and just said a huge Gracias!!! Haha but I could see it in her,  she felt the change it was an awesome experience. I'm excited for what's in store ... we got our transfers, and I'm staying here in Chicoral with my companion. Haha looks like I'll be in this pueblo (town)  for six months haha but that's sweet I feel like I need to do something more for them still. We have some people who look like they could get baptised in the upcoming weeks. So we'll have to see what happens there. Looks like things are going good at home I'm happy for all of you. Feels weird to be turning twenty but hey it's just a number doesn't mean I can't still be joven (young). Haha!
Picture of the area Mason is currently serving in Chicoral Colombia

Getting Wet Baptism September 5, 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Baptisms in the works!

Things have been going pretty sweet in Chicoral! We have the baptism all set up for this Saturday and then we have cambios (transfers) this next week, so I'm pretty sure I'm headed out because we are starting to progress. Haha just my luck but who knows maybe not. We have been trying really hard to find the chosen people and it has been so hard. haha we have been contacting like crazy and pretty much everyone has told us no. But we were able to find one new girl named Maria Jose.  She is new in Chicoral and her boyfriend from Bogota is a member so she was wanting to get the lessons. But it was sweet we met her at like 8:50 one night this week. I thought the day was going to end with nothing but she came over to a members house ans said hey I'll get baptised. haha She went to church on Sunday and is really excited, she has a date for Izzy's bday the 19th so hopefully we can get her there. This new way of teaching has been really different for me but it's allowing us to see if the people want to progress or no so our numbers are lower but we have real progression!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Things are Looking Up

Well things have been really good as of late, Our mission president has made some new normas or things that we need to be doing daily. Like find 2 new people invite 6 people to baptism every week. So we have been trying really hard to apply that to our lessons and this last week we found more people than I have since I got here, and we can see if they really want to progress when we invite them to baptism. We have one baptism that looks pretty for sure the 5 of September. the week before my birthday. haha almost 20 how crazy!!!  But her name is Judith and she is an old grandma who lives alone with another older grandma. haha All she has to do is come to church one more time and she set, she always tells us how excited she is for her baptism so I think we are going good with her. I'm doing pretty good, just trying to get things going really good in my area, I have the feeling that I'm probably headed out of here in two week so I want to leave the area perfect for my new companion so he can help out all the people we´ll leave behind. Kinda like I did in Nevia. Remember that family that I worked with for a way long time in Nevia but could never get them married. Well they got married and baptised two weeks ago and I got to talk with them this last week it was pretty awesome! they are now trying to get to the temple, so that was some pretty awesome news. I love you all so much.

Elder Chavez

A Few Weeks Behind on Posts

My area Chicoral went into its yearly parties for the weekend it was like a huge festival and it was way cool to see but absolutely destroyed the work. So it was a really slow week. I think it was the lowest amount of lessons I have ever taught in one week. Well since I had that chinkanguña thing or what ever it was But it was still a really awesome week, I got to do anintercambio with the zone leaders and that was pretty sweet because it was with one of my friends from the MTC and then on Friday I had a meeting all day with my mission president in a city called Ibague. I was there so long the meeting ended at 11:30 so I stayed the night there and got soo cold. ha ha because it's not the hot lands well technically it is but a lot colder than my area. hahah My new companion is named Elder Gutierrez. he is from Peru and it's really cool he started the mission with my first son Elder Galleguillo, So he only has like 4 months in the mission but is full of energy to work. Which has been a huge blessing the last few days. I have to say it was pretty sad to talk with some of the members this last week because there were a lot of them that told me it was a good thing that Elder Condori left that he wasn't a good missionary and that they thought he was really disobedient. It was all pretty true  but I felt bad that things went so far that they actually saw that I just hope he can figure things out in his life so that he can leave a lot better impact on the people here of Colombia. love you all!

Elder Chavez

Finally a Change

Well my companion has been changed! This morning we got a call from the zone leader and he got emergency transferred to Bogota. Haha I guess that challenge has passed me by for now. To be totally honest I feel kinda weird ... he just left and there was honestly like no feelings to me.  I just told him I hope he can be good and have the mission that he came here to have.  I hope I handled it all good, I just hope it goes better with my new companion. And that Elder Condori can do better with his. I really just want to work and that was the hardest part we were so separated that the work was almost impossible to get done. I just want to help this branch I'm  going to be here or at least four and a half months and I want to make a difference. I want to get even more lost, But it has been hard because everything was so personal with Elder Condori we could never talk about the investigators because we had our own huge problem. Haha But we actually have  someone who is progressing her name is Judith, she has the desire to be baptised but some members told us that she has come to the church in the past to look for ways to get help financially. So we'll have to see how things are going. That family that we were helping to get married totally fell apart... but I know there are people out there prepared and that the Lord is teaching me a huge lesson here for my life!

Elder Chavez

Monday, August 3, 2015

Especially my Eyes

Things were hard yet again this week, Actually pretty funny with some stuff that happened. In our companionship inventory, my companion just was not participating, and I asked him what does he need to be able to work? And he told me a new companion. So I called the zone leaders and he talked to them and they just happed to be with our mission president, so our president had a talk with us and told us we need to make plans and goals to make things better. So when we got of the phone with him, I tried to make goals and my companion told me that he just doesn't like me, expecially my eyes that he doesn't want to work with me, that everything about me he just doesn't like. So I asked him what I can do better and he said nothing, just that he wants a new companion. So that's how the week has been he pretty much has just been following me around place to place while I've been teaching. My president knows everything so don't think that he is not doing his job, i just know that there is something more that I need or my companion needs in this. I dont know if well stay together all transfer but hey it can only go up right?? haha I'm really excited for this week though because I can start doing some exchanges to help out the other elders in the district. There are only four of us and I'm the oldest one the next closest to me have four months so they have all been kinda lost in their areas. So I'm going over there to help them out. I love you all. 

Elder Chavez

Monday, July 27, 2015

Many Blessings

Well we had combios yesterday, well technically today ... and I found out what I will be doing for the next six weeks. Well ... I'm staying in Chicoral and with my companion!!! I was pretty sure that we were going to get a change, He has drove me up the wall as you have all seen but, I have been given many blessings in the last week. I have started to see the Lords hands playing a bigger part in my own personal life, I have started to lose myself more than ever. Today when they called with the new I was hoping for a change and I did get one! I have been called to be a district leader again! And I honestly have felt so good all day. I know the Lord is giving me another chance to help my companion in this transfer and me to help the other Elders out. I'm getting really excited for this transfer I hope and pray that I can be guided to help then with their needs. It's going to be fun!

Elder Chavez

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy Hump Day Elder Chavez!

One Year!!!! I can honestly say we never thought we'd reach this day and yet we blinked and here we are.  We miss you so much, but know the work you are doing is changing generations to come.  You have grown so much over the past year! We can hardly wait to see what this year holds for you! We love you and Miss you so much but most of all we are so very Proud of you Elder Chavez!  The people of Colombia are so lucky to know you and your testimony of the Gospel.  And just for the record Mason .... Only 365 DAYS LEFT !!!!  (I know ... stop counting!) Have Fun, Work hard and most of all Enjoy this Journey!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Keep on Praying

Well things have been going alright. I can't say better cause I don't want to lie but that's how it's been. I've been super tired because I am literally doing everything. But I'm proud. I'm proud that I have started to love all of this stuff, it hurts me to see that my companion doesn't feel the the same. But this week has some really good parts too. We got to meet President Baquerizo, who is awesome and reminds me a lot of my father. He brought three kids here to the mission with his wife and they are an awesome family. I could honestly feel his love from the moment he hugged me. I was able to have my first interview with him and it was a little different, because we didn't say a word about me, we just talked about what was going on with my companion well what's still is going on. Haha President Barquerizo told me he doesn't know why my companion came or why the lord sent him here. But he said he does know that the Lord trusts me and that I can change this Elders life. And I can honestly say I have tried so hard this last week. I sit him down like every other day and we talk about the problems he has, still I am really confused. He doesn't like me to teach with the scriptures because he doesn't believe in them. I set goals with him to pray and read and be obedient and then in the next hour he tries to go and take a nap or sleeps in or comes to study late, that's when it hurts, he's choosing not to do his part, it's like I'm living with an investigator. But the work isn't all bad I hope you guys don't think that I'm sad or what ever because I'm fine. I actually had a really good week with the members that have taken a little notice of the situation and have started to help me more, I have made some really good friends here. Friends that I will have forever. I wish I could write more but I hope all is well I'm printing pics of the dogs because all the members are way excited to meet them. Haha i love you and dad does look hubba hubba! Haha have fun and take care..
Love Elder Chavez
Mason's Dog Sophie had puppies on July 2nd!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lots of Prayers Needed

Mason Has asked for our prayers,  He is having some issues with his companion.  His companion has told him that he doesn't believe in Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ and also that he does not believe in the scriptures more that he believes in the science behind things.  Mason is meeting with his mission president tomorrow for interviews and will discuss everything with him but for now he has asked that we pray for him,  that he can be an instrument in the Lords hands and help his companion.  He is a new companion ... a new missionary and has only been out 3 weeks.  Please pray for him.  Also one of Mason's close childhood friend's Dad committed suicide last week.  His other close friend emailed Mason this week asking for Prayers for the family. It's been a tough week For a lot of people.  May we remember them in our prayers and help ease their burdens. Mason says thank you for all your love and support.

A Day late

Ok well I couldn't write you yesterday because Elder Galleguillo got emergency transfered. They called us and said he was going to Bogota, so all day we were running around trying to get him ready to go, but the thing that killed me is that there are a ton of parties right now in this part of Colombia so when we went to write there was not even one store open. I was worrying about you last night I knew you would probably freak out so I'm sorry I tried my best. So anyways I got a new companion he came this morning, I had to stay the night with some other elders in the next town over from us. But his name is Elder Condori he is from Peru. He's 25 years old and has two weeks in the mission. haha so I'm training again. hahah another adventure, but he seems really cool we've only been together for like 5 hours now but we are already getting along great. This last week was pretty slow again, but we were able to do some pretty cool things. We went to Ibague one day because my mission president is going home. Today is his last day here and our new president gets here tomorrow. It was really sad to see him go. I still remember when I started and I didnt like him ... I thought he was a jerk for telling me not to write Courtney, but man to I love that guy. He has always been there to help me and love us. He told me how proud he was of me when he gave me the last hug goodbye. Wish I would have gotten to spend more time with him. That's the down side of the hot lands, you don't get to see the people like you do in Bogota. But hey I'm going to complete one year here in the hot lands and hopefull the next year too. Haha if I dont die of sweating to much. hahahaa! I love you all.

Elder Chavez

Monday, June 15, 2015

No Change This Transfer

Well we had another 6 weeks of transfers already here in the mission and nothing is changing for me.   Elder Galleguillo and I are the only companionship in the whole zone who didn't get a change, but that is what I thought would happen. This week was really slow with the work, we lost a lot of time planning our baptism. Yes we had a baptism in the very last week of the transfer! (June 14,2015) But you are going to be mad at me ... I couldn't take any pictures, haha we had it Sunday morning and we were in such a rush we forgot. Haha I feel really bad for Elder Galleguillo I had him do the baptism for his first and we didn't even take a picture! Haha but I guess that's fine. I took some pictures of our church and some of the families in our area so I hope you enjoy.  I love you all!

Elder Chavez

The Church House


Inside the Church House

Monday, June 8, 2015

We Are Seeing Our Prayers being Answered

Things have been getting a lot better here in Chicoral, we were able to teach a lot of people this week and we have a chance to have three baptisms too this Saturday!  We still haven't gotten the papers for the marriage so we might have to wait another week to baptise them. I can already see Satan tempting them to not go though with it but we are constantly showing them it's the right thing to do. We have another lady Claudia, she's investigated the church for like 5 months and has wanted to be baptised but has needed to talk to her husband who is in the jungle, we made plans to fast and pray that he could call her and he did!!! That's been awesome in this area, we have really seen our prayers being answered. So Saturday should be fun, or at least pray it will be! Things got a lot better this week with my companion, I sat him down and we just talked for like two hours about what we want to do to help each other and everything has been better and this weekend was awesome our lessons got a ton stronger. I've been thinking a lot about time lately, but not in a bad way but I have been trying so hard to the conversion for these people, investigators and members, this week I was trying to see about my conversion, have I really changed? Or am I the same person I was? I've been focusing a lot on becoming an instrument in the Lord's hands so that he can change and use me the way he needs to. I hope I'm doing OK. I hope you all are well I love you!

Elder Chavez

Monday, June 1, 2015

Slow week

It was a slow week, We didn't get to teach as many lessons as I would have liked. But we did get to have our investigators come to church! We have a baptism planned for next week, but it's going to come down to the wire. We are helping a couple get married so we had to have the lady's papers sent here from an other place far away, so if the papers get here on time well have the wedding and the baptism!! And if not ... it's going to get postponed. Things are alright with my companion, I've just come to realize that we aren't the same type of person and that's fine, I just always thought when I trained someone it would be like Elder Mizari and I ... really good friends! But I guess not. Haha it's more important how the people are not us. I got on late today, we lost track of time cleaning the house.  So I will make it up next week by sending pictures.  I love you all.

Elder Chavez

Monday, May 25, 2015

I Need More Time!

Things are actually going really good with the investigators. We have two that want to get married and have a date for three weeks from now. We just have to go get the papers sent from another state sent to us then it's a done deal! So that will be fun ... a wedding and a baptism! The area is awesome I'm just going crazy ... there is so much to do here. Haha and we have almost been here for a month, which I don't like ... I need more time to work! Hahaha! Love and miss all of you.
Elder Chavez

Monday, May 18, 2015

McDonald's never tasted sooo Good!

I'm doing pretty good, this week was kinda a long one. But things have been picking back up again. I got to go to a sweet city this week for a leader meeting even though I'm not a leader, My president says I need to get prepared for when the call comes back. So I don't know what that means?? And ... You'll never believe what I got to eat in this city!! MCDONALDS!! haha it was soooo good! I  had my first big mac in over 10 months!!! Times flying. I  just want to stay more focused. Being a trainer has been hard, I've been pretty stressed. Just because he doesn' know how to do anything, but we are getting better. We didn't start off with the best relationship but we've gotten a lot better. He just was very quite when we started but now we talk alot more. I actually had my very last interview with my mission president this last week. I was pretty sad we get a new president in a month. He told me that I have progressed a lot in this time, so that made me feel good. I hope that doesn't stop! I want to come home a changed person. I want to have a personal conversion that's my main goal! I love you all so much.

Elder Chavez

Monday, May 4, 2015

I Have News ...

I have News,  I am going to be transferred!  I will be going to Bogota but for only one day.  I have been called to be a trainer so I will go to Bogota to pick up my new companion or my Kid as they say here in the mission.  We will be opening a new area together which is named Chicoral,  Which is in the zone of Girardot.  So I'll be going back kinda close to my first area.  But this place is like a farm town.  They don't have a chapel there they have what's called una case capilla or a house that is a church. Haha! It's going to be hard I already can feel it, but I am excited.  I have come to learn that it is pretty fun to put your faith in the Lord and when you put in your part he will always help you!  So thats what I am going to be doing with my hijo (Son).  So today I will be going around and saying goodbye to everyone and it will be hard.  I called a few people and they already told me that they will cry when I leave so today should be interesting. Haha! I can't wait to talk to everyone in a few days.  I love and miss you all.

Elder Chavez

Monday, April 27, 2015

Most Rewarding Thing I have Ever Done!

Things here are going good. We had 8 people go to church this week. I got a little bummed out though, That family that we were teaching is way excited to get baptised and married. But they want to wait.. they want to have like really nice rings and stuff like that. So we taught them and they were like we'll talk about it. Then they went to a church activity Night of spouses, and I thought the members would have been really encouraging to get them married as fast as possible. But now they now have a baptism date and wedding date set for the End of June. JUNE!!! ha ha I was bummed, I thought they were going to be the first family I could baptise, but the bishop told me that if I'm not here by then it counts as my baptism so that's cool I guess. Transfers are next week and I'm pretty sure I'm out of here, but not sure if I'm really ready to leave. Some times I want to go to a place that is cold and everything but I've made some awesome friends here. Mario, my convert got the Priesthood yesterday which was awesome to see. No I'm not district leader anymore I was only it for 6 weeks but to be honest it's nice not to be I can focus more on my personal conversion. I'm glad things are good at home. Time is flying mom two more weeks and we will be skyping all over again. I miss you guys, but there's something about this work that makes being out here so rewarding. Most rewarding thing I have ever done. hands down . Take care I love you guys!

Elder Chavez

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pictures finally :)

Things have been going pretty good for me here in Neiva. We have had these baptisms so that's been fun and we have other people progressing. We had 6 people come to church yesterday and six of them have the baptism date. Yeah! haha Three of them are the family of Santiago from the pictures. His two sisters and a cousin. They have been reading and came to the baptism and church and want to keep coming so that's sweet. The other three are the Flores family I have been teaching them for three months now and they are finally progressing they have come three weeks straight now and have a baptism date for the 2 of may. That's the last Saturday of this transfer so I really hope we can get them baptized  They have everything but aren't married which is the hardest part but we are going to teach about that today so hopefully it all goes well. I don't know if I will be  leaving Neiva but it will be sad if I do, I have made some pretty good friends here, my companion and I are cool. He's really quiet I am always taking charge of the lessons and stuff but that's OK I'm trying to help him. We get along all the time, it's just that we aren't like best friends. but that's fine we are working hard and having success so I don't have anything to complain about. 


Elder Chavez
When Elder Morinico Left

Giant Avocado ... Mason said they don't have much flavor
I asked him if he's made guacamole with them ... He said they don't
Have tortilla chips there!  He said the food is very different there
not much variety!
He is super excited to be getting a package full of Candy!

Baptism from April 11, 2015

Santiago and his Family

Santiago's Baptism
 April 11, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Baptism Week!

Well things are going pretty good! We had the baptism on Saturday April 11,2015 and we have another one for this Saturday! I forgot my camera today but I'll send you some pictures next week  after the next baptism. The Boy We baptized  name is Santiago and he is awesome! He's 14 but he is reading the whole Book of Mormon! He has shown us all of his family and we are teaching all of them right now too. So I'm really stoked for him! He's become a good friend of mine. I'm really trying my hardest. The mission is the hardest thing I have ever done. Sometimes I feel like a big piece of poop and I can't do it. Ha ha!  But every time I push on the lord helps me, every time! Things are going good I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving Neiva in the next transfer so I'm trying to leave my area and ward way better than when I found it. I just keep praying that I'm doing my part. You guys taught me some great things, thanks Mom and Dad!. I love you guys so much and the girls. I miss you guys but it a good miss I want to work my butt off so when I get to that day when I see all of you I can say I came home with honor and left my blood sweat and tears in the mission field. 9 months this Thursday! Almost to the year mark and the time just keeps flying. I love you all so much.  I pray for you every day.

Elder Chavez

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Starting to see some fruits for the work!

Things went really good for conference. I got to listen to all of it in English this time, which I really liked a lot. Haha! But the best part is that we had 8 investigators come to the conference with us and 5 of then have baptism dates for this month!!! We have a baptism planned for this Saturday and next, so I'm praying that every thing can keep going forward.  I feel like I'm starting to see some fruits for the work we have done but I am afraid that we might slow down and I want to do just the opposite. We have work to do. I need to get my new companion to know the area in these next few week I don't know how much longer I'll be in this area, I've been here for 4 months now and I don't want the work to stop going like it is if I leave. But things are good, thought about the family a lot this weekend makes me a little homesick, a year ago I was at conference and now I'm here. Haha only two more left in the mission too! I don't know where the time has gone but I don't know if I like it. Haha! Hope the family is doing well.  I love and miss you all.


Elder Chavez

Monday, March 30, 2015

This is the Month of Winter!

Well things are pretty good here. I got my new companion his name is Elder Ojeda from Argentina. Things are going good with him he's pretty quiet. I'm really excited for these up coming weeks we have a lot of people who should be getting baptized in the month of April so that will be cool. One thing I really like is that this ward has kinda become mine. The members all know me and ask me for help and we are working really well with them so that has been really cool to.  This change we have helped them to work more. oh by the way it's winter here right now because it has been raining. So the people say this month is the month of winter. Haha With this rain though I have really been cold usually I don't sleep with anything but this week I actually had to use my sheet. My sheet!!! That's how cold I was! Haha Well hope everything is good with the family.  I love you all.  Looking forward to conference this week.  

Elder Chavez

Monday, March 23, 2015

Just Keep Fighting!

Things went pretty good this last week, we make a lot of progress in these last few weeks of the cambio (transfer) and it was awesome to see a fruit come out of it. We had the baptism of Mario and he asked me to do the service it was an honor. I'm really excited for my area but a little scared too. We found out the cambios (transfers) and I'm staying here for another six weeks which is really cool, but my companion is leaving. I feel like we got so much done together and that we could still do so much more but I guess it's time. Haha We became good friends. So I'm getting a new companion his name is Elder Ojoda or something like that. Nobody knows who he is so I guess we'll find out. Haha I know I just need to put more trust in the Lord and things will always work out so I'm going to focus even harder on that in this cambio (transfer) to have the success and the conversion I want out here. I'm really glad to have the chance to be out here and work. I have seen miracles and I hope that all of you have too. I love you all some much. Just keeping fighting Haha

A Few weeks ago when Mason went back to Girardot for a district meeting
They were able to go out for domino's Pizza! Mason said this is one of the things
He misses most, the food and sitting around with his Family!

These are a few of the Elders from Mason's District

This is Pedro he can only talk with his hands but He is way cool! We are working with him and his grandson and should hopefully baptize them this transfer. It was his grandson birthday the other day and they asked us to play the whole thing it was really fun. I can feel the difference when we actually work with the people and the ward and not just the investigators alone it makes the world of difference.

Pedro's grandson

Mario's Baptism 3/21/2015

Mario Baptism 3/21/2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Things Are About To Get A Lot Hotter!

Things have been going by so fast I hate it! I feel like I have so much to do and then the next thing I know is the week is over. So next Sunday is cambios (transfers) so we'll see if I get to stay here or not, which would be cool if I did and even cooler if I was with my companion for one more transfer. But I guess we'll see. Things have been going pretty good, we have been working a lot with the ward members lately which is the best way to work. It's more fun and you can actually help out their family and friends. We have like 4 or 5 family home evenings this week so we should get to meet a lot of new investigators, which will be awesome. And we are going to have a baptism this week!!! His name is Mario Gomez he is way cool he has come and played soccer with us the last two weeks and has been progressing a ton. He's 18 so I really hope he could make some goals to go on a mission it would be sweet to have a convert do that, but we still got to baptize  him first. haha!  But things are good just really hot. We have a new rule too, where we can only wear long sleeve shirts to stop other elders from getting that sickness I had so things are about to get a lot hotter. I love you guys.

Elder Chavez

Monday, March 9, 2015

Having a Really Good Time!

This week has been pretty good here, it's going by so fast this transfer. I think it's because I've been having a really good time with my companion and the investigators and the ward! I hope that this can stay the same for the next transfer. The only thing that has been frustrating is that the baptisms haven't happened. That girl and her family haven't come to church, she had a baptism interview and passed but then her boyfriend came into town and she doesn't want to be baptised anymore. She knows that if she gets baptised she can't do certain things anymore, if you know what I mean. And it's been really sad to see. I saw her progressing so much and now I've seen her fall even father away. But we are still trying. We have other people who are progressing, we should have some baptisms at the end of the month, and this transfer ends right before that so I hope I can stay here with Elder Morinico and baptise some people. haha! I got the package and it was really cool to read all the letters I love you guys all so much and I hope you know I miss you too!

Elder Chavez

Monday, March 2, 2015

Trip back in time ... Weird week!

Feeling Pretty good. I had kinda a weird week. Tuesday we had our interviews with our mission president, so that was cool and then in my interview he told me that I was going to go to a big district leader meeting in Girardot so I got to go back there which was pretty cool. I got to see quite a few kids from my group there's like 4 of us as district leaders so that was fun to see. Felt really weird being back in one of my old areas I didn't have any time to go visit the people which kinda of stunk but hey maybe it will happen again.  Elder Mizari sent me some pictures. He actually called me this last week to! He finished the mission on Thursday and went back to Peru, so that's weird ... time is just going by so fast! It kinda scares me, I need to be a lot better and I have less than a year and a half to do something about it. Giradot was super hard, but I learned a lot there. There actually aren't missionaries in my area right now because it was so dead.  I've never felt scared out here, only sometimes when a dog runs at us. Haha.  Nobody in the mission has a car.  We walk everywhere.  It takes us over 30 minutes to walk to church.  When we went to Girardot,  I went with my mission president in a car and it took over 2 hours.  We came back on a bus and that was a little over 3 hour ride.  The weather is still hot hot hot.  over 100 this past week every day! Tell everyone I love and miss them.  

Elder Chavez

Elder Mizari

Monday, February 23, 2015

Just letting the Lord Guide Things

Things are all going pretty well here too, besides the fact that we didn't have anyone go to church this last Sunday. We had plans with a lot but they all called us Saturday and told us why they couldn't go. Which was nice because they were responsible but it still kinda stunk! Haha I think this week could be really good and this whole month of March could be really awesome but we'll need to work that much harder if we want the results. But I feel confident that we can make a big difference now. I don't like to think about the numbers, the zone leaders called me last night for the numbers for my district and numbers made it look like we did nothing to help the people come to church,  but that's not true. I just want to help everyone the best way I can. I'll be having a baptism soon, my investigator got interviewed and she passed so that good,  I think it will be next week though, because we found out that her mom is a less active so we want to get her more involved with her daughter and we are going to start teaching another daughter too so that's a new family!!! I'm pretty content with the ways things are, I really like being focused in and just letting the lord guide things.  I love and miss you all!

Elder Chavez