Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Finally a Change

Well my companion has been changed! This morning we got a call from the zone leader and he got emergency transferred to Bogota. Haha I guess that challenge has passed me by for now. To be totally honest I feel kinda weird ... he just left and there was honestly like no feelings to me.  I just told him I hope he can be good and have the mission that he came here to have.  I hope I handled it all good, I just hope it goes better with my new companion. And that Elder Condori can do better with his. I really just want to work and that was the hardest part we were so separated that the work was almost impossible to get done. I just want to help this branch I'm  going to be here or at least four and a half months and I want to make a difference. I want to get even more lost, But it has been hard because everything was so personal with Elder Condori we could never talk about the investigators because we had our own huge problem. Haha But we actually have  someone who is progressing her name is Judith, she has the desire to be baptised but some members told us that she has come to the church in the past to look for ways to get help financially. So we'll have to see how things are going. That family that we were helping to get married totally fell apart... but I know there are people out there prepared and that the Lord is teaching me a huge lesson here for my life!

Elder Chavez

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