Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Few Weeks Behind on Posts

My area Chicoral went into its yearly parties for the weekend it was like a huge festival and it was way cool to see but absolutely destroyed the work. So it was a really slow week. I think it was the lowest amount of lessons I have ever taught in one week. Well since I had that chinkanguña thing or what ever it was But it was still a really awesome week, I got to do anintercambio with the zone leaders and that was pretty sweet because it was with one of my friends from the MTC and then on Friday I had a meeting all day with my mission president in a city called Ibague. I was there so long the meeting ended at 11:30 so I stayed the night there and got soo cold. ha ha because it's not the hot lands well technically it is but a lot colder than my area. hahah My new companion is named Elder Gutierrez. he is from Peru and it's really cool he started the mission with my first son Elder Galleguillo, So he only has like 4 months in the mission but is full of energy to work. Which has been a huge blessing the last few days. I have to say it was pretty sad to talk with some of the members this last week because there were a lot of them that told me it was a good thing that Elder Condori left that he wasn't a good missionary and that they thought he was really disobedient. It was all pretty true  but I felt bad that things went so far that they actually saw that I just hope he can figure things out in his life so that he can leave a lot better impact on the people here of Colombia. love you all!

Elder Chavez

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