Monday, March 30, 2015

This is the Month of Winter!

Well things are pretty good here. I got my new companion his name is Elder Ojeda from Argentina. Things are going good with him he's pretty quiet. I'm really excited for these up coming weeks we have a lot of people who should be getting baptized in the month of April so that will be cool. One thing I really like is that this ward has kinda become mine. The members all know me and ask me for help and we are working really well with them so that has been really cool to.  This change we have helped them to work more. oh by the way it's winter here right now because it has been raining. So the people say this month is the month of winter. Haha With this rain though I have really been cold usually I don't sleep with anything but this week I actually had to use my sheet. My sheet!!! That's how cold I was! Haha Well hope everything is good with the family.  I love you all.  Looking forward to conference this week.  

Elder Chavez

Monday, March 23, 2015

Just Keep Fighting!

Things went pretty good this last week, we make a lot of progress in these last few weeks of the cambio (transfer) and it was awesome to see a fruit come out of it. We had the baptism of Mario and he asked me to do the service it was an honor. I'm really excited for my area but a little scared too. We found out the cambios (transfers) and I'm staying here for another six weeks which is really cool, but my companion is leaving. I feel like we got so much done together and that we could still do so much more but I guess it's time. Haha We became good friends. So I'm getting a new companion his name is Elder Ojoda or something like that. Nobody knows who he is so I guess we'll find out. Haha I know I just need to put more trust in the Lord and things will always work out so I'm going to focus even harder on that in this cambio (transfer) to have the success and the conversion I want out here. I'm really glad to have the chance to be out here and work. I have seen miracles and I hope that all of you have too. I love you all some much. Just keeping fighting Haha

A Few weeks ago when Mason went back to Girardot for a district meeting
They were able to go out for domino's Pizza! Mason said this is one of the things
He misses most, the food and sitting around with his Family!

These are a few of the Elders from Mason's District

This is Pedro he can only talk with his hands but He is way cool! We are working with him and his grandson and should hopefully baptize them this transfer. It was his grandson birthday the other day and they asked us to play the whole thing it was really fun. I can feel the difference when we actually work with the people and the ward and not just the investigators alone it makes the world of difference.

Pedro's grandson

Mario's Baptism 3/21/2015

Mario Baptism 3/21/2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Things Are About To Get A Lot Hotter!

Things have been going by so fast I hate it! I feel like I have so much to do and then the next thing I know is the week is over. So next Sunday is cambios (transfers) so we'll see if I get to stay here or not, which would be cool if I did and even cooler if I was with my companion for one more transfer. But I guess we'll see. Things have been going pretty good, we have been working a lot with the ward members lately which is the best way to work. It's more fun and you can actually help out their family and friends. We have like 4 or 5 family home evenings this week so we should get to meet a lot of new investigators, which will be awesome. And we are going to have a baptism this week!!! His name is Mario Gomez he is way cool he has come and played soccer with us the last two weeks and has been progressing a ton. He's 18 so I really hope he could make some goals to go on a mission it would be sweet to have a convert do that, but we still got to baptize  him first. haha!  But things are good just really hot. We have a new rule too, where we can only wear long sleeve shirts to stop other elders from getting that sickness I had so things are about to get a lot hotter. I love you guys.

Elder Chavez

Monday, March 9, 2015

Having a Really Good Time!

This week has been pretty good here, it's going by so fast this transfer. I think it's because I've been having a really good time with my companion and the investigators and the ward! I hope that this can stay the same for the next transfer. The only thing that has been frustrating is that the baptisms haven't happened. That girl and her family haven't come to church, she had a baptism interview and passed but then her boyfriend came into town and she doesn't want to be baptised anymore. She knows that if she gets baptised she can't do certain things anymore, if you know what I mean. And it's been really sad to see. I saw her progressing so much and now I've seen her fall even father away. But we are still trying. We have other people who are progressing, we should have some baptisms at the end of the month, and this transfer ends right before that so I hope I can stay here with Elder Morinico and baptise some people. haha! I got the package and it was really cool to read all the letters I love you guys all so much and I hope you know I miss you too!

Elder Chavez

Monday, March 2, 2015

Trip back in time ... Weird week!

Feeling Pretty good. I had kinda a weird week. Tuesday we had our interviews with our mission president, so that was cool and then in my interview he told me that I was going to go to a big district leader meeting in Girardot so I got to go back there which was pretty cool. I got to see quite a few kids from my group there's like 4 of us as district leaders so that was fun to see. Felt really weird being back in one of my old areas I didn't have any time to go visit the people which kinda of stunk but hey maybe it will happen again.  Elder Mizari sent me some pictures. He actually called me this last week to! He finished the mission on Thursday and went back to Peru, so that's weird ... time is just going by so fast! It kinda scares me, I need to be a lot better and I have less than a year and a half to do something about it. Giradot was super hard, but I learned a lot there. There actually aren't missionaries in my area right now because it was so dead.  I've never felt scared out here, only sometimes when a dog runs at us. Haha.  Nobody in the mission has a car.  We walk everywhere.  It takes us over 30 minutes to walk to church.  When we went to Girardot,  I went with my mission president in a car and it took over 2 hours.  We came back on a bus and that was a little over 3 hour ride.  The weather is still hot hot hot.  over 100 this past week every day! Tell everyone I love and miss them.  

Elder Chavez

Elder Mizari