Monday, January 26, 2015

A case of Chikungunya and a Baptism!

First off ... Best News, We had a baptism!!! Lina was Baptized on Saturday
January 24, 2015
She had left her family to find a better life for her and her daughter.
Here are a few pictures from her baptism day.


Lina, her daughter and her friends


So we went to Ibague and met a 70, Elder Waddell, He was awesome! The Power that he spoke with was crazy! I swear he said somethings just for me. So there were 4 zones there so I got to see some of my CCM friends too.

And then ... I don't know if there has been anything on the news in the US. But there is a sickness going around here in Colombia called Chikungunya  but it is passed by mosquito's. And people get a really bad fever and your body hurts like crazy. So we have to take all these precautions to avoid getting it. Like I sleep in a mosquito net every night and use my bug repellent like crazy. But guess who was lucky enough to get it?!  This guy!! I woke up Thursday studied and was like wow I feel hot! I went to lunch and felt like I was burning to death! We went home after and I took my temperature  I had a fever of a 103. Haha so I got the bug! Friday I had some of the worst body aches ever!!! So my mission president only gave me permission to leave the house Saturday night for the baptism and Sunday for the Confirmation   I'm still really tired but everything is better now so don't worry! Haha!
Bed Ridden

Stuck at Home and I hate it! All I want to do is be out working!
The only time I was allowed out all weekend was to go to Lina's Baptism and on Sunday for her confirmation.
Well that's all for this week.  I am doing better so don't worry. Love you all!

Love ,
Elder Chavez

Monday, January 19, 2015

Baptism in the Works

This week was pretty good. And I have a baptism for this Saturday!!! Her name is Lina and it has been so awesome to watch her progress over this last month and a half. She's a single mom, she has a three year old daughter. She left all her family behind to live alone so her daughter could have a better life and learn good things. We actually had some really hard lessons with her this last week, she went online and looked up all this stuff about the church because she wanted to do family history work. But she found a bunch of anti-Mormon websites so we had a lesson and she was pretty much saying that she didn't want anything to do with the church. And we just bore our testimony of the Book of Mormon and the atonement and that she can know if it's true if she prays. So she did! The next day we came back and she was happy as can be she's planning everything for her baptism. I'm really excited because she actually has a testimony ... she's going to be a convert not just a baptism! We have family home evening with her tonight and are going to watch the restoration so that's is going to be awesome! Haha something kinda funny that happened with my companion, we are studying the other day and I asked him what he learned and he told me he made a decision the night before that will change his life forever. He decided he's going to marry his girlfriend! So now he's planning how to propose through the mail. Kinda cool! Oh and I'm going to a different city on Wednesday to listen to a 70 speak. Which is exciting! A new city which is actually somewhat cooler and a 70! Pretty excited for that Where I am at now the weather doesn't change much, in Bogota it gets cold at times but Who knows if I'll ever go there. There's an Elder, my friend, Elder Douglas here and he only has  6 more weeks in the mission and has never been to Bogota for an area. But that's really uncommon ... but who knows. Hope to get some letters soon  ... lots of letters.  Love you all!

Elder Chavez

Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's finally up!!!

Way Sweet!

This Sunday was way sweet we had 6 investigators come to church. 6! So in the next weeks we should be having some baptisms. Finally! I actually feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to. Haha.  The marriage and baptism that was set for the 10th didn't happen.  The guy said he didn't love the girl enough to marry her so the baptism was a no go.  They have been doing this for years with the missionaries. This week was hard though. I was in another area for two days because Elder Hurtado had some meeting in Bogota so I didn't work in my area at all those days and then when he came home he was sick. So he just laid in bed and slept. It sucked I was so bored and I just wanted to go out there and work. But Saturday we worked hard and got all those people to church so it was worth the wait I guess. Haha Have a great week.  Happy 6 months family! Time is flying by! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015