Monday, January 26, 2015

A case of Chikungunya and a Baptism!

First off ... Best News, We had a baptism!!! Lina was Baptized on Saturday
January 24, 2015
She had left her family to find a better life for her and her daughter.
Here are a few pictures from her baptism day.


Lina, her daughter and her friends


So we went to Ibague and met a 70, Elder Waddell, He was awesome! The Power that he spoke with was crazy! I swear he said somethings just for me. So there were 4 zones there so I got to see some of my CCM friends too.

And then ... I don't know if there has been anything on the news in the US. But there is a sickness going around here in Colombia called Chikungunya  but it is passed by mosquito's. And people get a really bad fever and your body hurts like crazy. So we have to take all these precautions to avoid getting it. Like I sleep in a mosquito net every night and use my bug repellent like crazy. But guess who was lucky enough to get it?!  This guy!! I woke up Thursday studied and was like wow I feel hot! I went to lunch and felt like I was burning to death! We went home after and I took my temperature  I had a fever of a 103. Haha so I got the bug! Friday I had some of the worst body aches ever!!! So my mission president only gave me permission to leave the house Saturday night for the baptism and Sunday for the Confirmation   I'm still really tired but everything is better now so don't worry! Haha!
Bed Ridden

Stuck at Home and I hate it! All I want to do is be out working!
The only time I was allowed out all weekend was to go to Lina's Baptism and on Sunday for her confirmation.
Well that's all for this week.  I am doing better so don't worry. Love you all!

Love ,
Elder Chavez

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