Monday, February 2, 2015

Almost back to 100%

My mission presidents wife said I had to rest until Saturday. So I just sat around and practically did nothing all week. But we got out for Saturday and Sunday which was nice. But we didn't have anyone in church and no one progressing this week. But how can I expect to have some when we didn't work. But that's OK we can start I'm almost back to 100 percent. I actually won't be working in my area until Wednesday this week. Elder Hurtado went to Bogota today for some conference. So I'm in a three some for the next few days in another area. But I feel like I can learn a lot with these two elders. One goes home on Tuesday and the other in like 4 months. So they are really experienced so I really like that. So things are going good and getting better too. Love you all. So glad the stuff I sent finally got there.  

Elder Chavez
Christmas finally arrived on January 28, 2015

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