Monday, February 16, 2015

We went crazy this week!

This was one of the best weeks i have ever had in the mission. I get along so well with my companion and we both have the same views and goals for our area. So we went crazy this last week and we taught 26 lessons that's the most I have ever done in the mission!!! We had four people in church on Sunday. Every thing just really feels like it's clicking, it's kinda weird to be honest. haha But I have to say i love it!!! We are even waking up and hour earlier to do some work outs and have more time in the morning before studies. Which I really like. I feel like I'm getting so much more out of the study too. I got to work right away as a district leader, i had my first interview on Wednesday which I was super nervous for, but it was actually really easy, you just pretty much see if they really have a testimony and the desire to be baptized. I was more scared to have my district meeting. Because there are only four elders in my district and I am the one with the least amount of time. One is going to die this cambio (transfer), my companion has 20 months and the other has like exactly 6 more months than i do. So it was interesting but it turned out to be good. I  already know that they are really good elders, so i just want to focus on getting them animated and that we can make all our goal as a district. I might be having another baptism soon, we have a girl with 3 assistance's and all the lessons but we have to wait till she feels ready to be baptised, and she pretty much is ready so we're working on that with her this week. Things are good. I feel really good. I feel like all my mission I've been trying so hard for things to happen and now I feel that with my new companion all is possible in this area or in other words we are kicking butt. haha Love you all! 7 months today!
           Elder Chavez

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