Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally Some Pictures!

I'm a Colombian!
Mason 1 of 2 gringos!

Mason's First Area ...  Girardot

Elder Chavez and Elder Mizari
First area Girardot

Mason's candy stash!
 He is saving his last package of mamba's for a special Halloween Treat!

New Soccer jersey!

Halloween is a family favorite ... Mason's pumpkin with a missionary badge!

Hammock in his apartment

Mason being Mason

They found this little guy in their apartment! 

Typical Missionary meal!

Elder Mizari teaching Mason how to cook arepas

Another New Jersey ...
 I told him it has the wrong soda company on it!
He laughed and said he knew I'd say that!

The "gringo's" decided they didn't want to pay to get their haircut,
so they cut each others hair!

Mason's trainer companion Elder Mizari hit his year and a half mark
so in celebration they Burned his Shirt!

Mason said this is a "Member Bike Ride"
He said that daily a member needs a ride somewhere
So the member hops on the bike and off they go!

We Died ...

Well we died. Haha! This week we worked so hard or at least it felt like we did. Going into Sunday we have 4 new people for a baptism date for the last Saturday before the transfer. And none of them came to church! But there are two of them we are pretty sure are going to be baptized. We passed by one new guy in the morning Sunday his name is Wilson. He's pretty sweet. He is so smart. He knows the bible down pat. But he doesn't like the church he is in now, that's why he came up to us one day this week. He totally understands the need for a prophet and the authority of God. We just gave him a Book Of Mormon yesterday and I'm pretty sure he might read the whole thing cause all he does after work is come home and read the Bible. The other guy we have, who is pretty solid is Iginio. He is a 70 old man who lives alone, watches TV all day and plays sorry with his friends all night. Haha! But he couldn't come Sunday because his daughter came in town but he is already trying to read the whole Book Of Mormon. So that's a good thing. I know there's a chance that I won't be here after this transfer but I'm trying to work harder so if i am or the missionary after me can have these baptisms, but more importantly that these people can have their salvation. Sunday was actually really cool this week it was an area conference, but for only Colombia. So we watched over satellite talks meant just for Colombia the area presidency talked with Elder Holland pretty sweet. We were both really frustrated yesterday when we had nothing to show for but, I'm just ready to go for it this week. Thanks for all the love. 

Love Elder Chavez

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Do or Die Week

This week was pretty OK. We started off really strong, going into Wednesday we had 4 people with baptism dates. But by the time we hit Friday nobody wanted to listen anymore. We haven't had the chance to go back with that family, they kept putting off the appointment. So I don't really think they want to listen to us anymore. But I don't know. I'm trying really hard to keep up my faith in these people we have.  This week is do or die for us to. If we don't find people who can come to church for the next three weeks we aren't going to have any baptisms this cambiar  (I asked Mason what cambiar means this was his reply: cambiar is to change. but a cambio in the mission is a transfer. Transfers happen every six weeks so we only have three Sunday's for this transfer so if we don't find people who can come for the next three weeks we won't be able to baptize them.) And I finish my training in three weeks too! So there is a chance I can get moved to a different area or switch companion's, Which is tough but we can find someone. We did find the best person I have ever taught this last week. We actually met him like a month and a half ago. We seriously have been going back to his house a few times a week for the last month and he was never home. But we ran into him on the street. His name is Dario. He's pretty sweet. The reason why he was never home is because he goes to School in Bogota. He's only 21 and he's already graduating college. So he's really smart. It's been really fun to teach him, he understands everything. He said he already thinks what we are teaching is true. But he still needs to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. For us to baptize someone the requirements are, they have to come to 3 weeks of church for all three hours. He is going back to Bogota this week!! Why?!?! Haha, but he said he'll want to go to church with missionaries there so we're working on getting that figured out for this week. Well that's the work for this week. Got to find those who are ready for us this week! Keep having Family Home Evening and reading the scriptures for me! And Share the Gospel with everyone you can! That's missionary talk Haha! But really DO IT!

Elder Chavez

Monday, October 13, 2014

One Of The Best Weeks Yet!

Man these weeks just keep going by faster and faster! But this week was one of the best ones yet! Me and Elder Mizari had some really good lessons this week. The spirit was really strong in all of them, I felt a lot stronger this week! Also was a lot more tired. Elder Mizari is kinda chubby so we are starting to actually workout every morning, usually he just sleeps in his hammock and I do sit ups and push ups next to him. Haha! But this transfer we are going to run every morning and do sit ups and push ups too. Every other switch off so we've been going to bed as soon as we finish our nightly planning! This week we found our first real Family. That other family I told you guys about doesn't live in my area so we can only go by for lunch on Sunday's and the last two weeks we haven't had time to share anything with them. But this new family is really cool. They want a better life for their two sons they are 10 and 12. They actually read what we assigned them. We haven't invited them to baptism yet, but they understand the importance of authority so I think they want it. This weekend was really crazy... It was the birthday of Girardot and it was insane here. People from all parts of Colombia came for it. Pretty much to just to get drunk. But the mom of this family works in a restaurant and we couldn't teach them this weekend because she was working form 3am to 7 pm all weekend. The people down here work really hard. Well some of them ... they are either working crazy hours or they are sitting outside of their houses doing nothing. Haha! Oh and I got the birthday package I have so much candy it's awesome!!! Eating it slowly to conserve it all! Love you all!

Elder Chavez

Monday, October 6, 2014

Trying To Become The Best Missionary I Can Be

This last week was a pretty hard one for the work. I'm trying to become the best missionary I can and this week I learned a lot of new things that I need to be doing a lot better. I'm trying really hard to lose myself out here. It's hard some days, but this weekend was really nice. Saturday I got to watch conference in English!!  It was so sweet, there were alot of things I needed to hear this week and I swear some of those were meant just for me! I got all the stuff in the mail Gracie's letter made me laugh so hard. Tell her they do have candy here. I love you all so much. Tell Grandma Hoskins that I love her and she better be there when I get home. The house looks really good!  Thanks for all the pictures. I didn't bring my camera today so no pics from me! But I did buy a mini pumpkin last week and drew a face on him and a little missionary plaque. Haha I'm going to miss Halloween! I think I'm going to buy some more decorations. I had to buy a new watch, the straps broke on Grandpa's so tell him sorry! It was starting to stink way bad too though. The leather straps and the heat didn't go together...  it also turned black!! haha!  ... Love you all so much!

Elder Chavez

** Mason has challenged our family to hold Family Home Evening every week ... like a real family home evening, Not just hanging out and being together!  Life can get busy and it can be hard to organize or plan a full lesson.  Mason suggested reading the Mormon messages each week.  This is What he does each week.  It's quick and easy.  He promises it will make a difference.  So I am passing the challenge on to those who read this ;)