Monday, October 27, 2014

We Died ...

Well we died. Haha! This week we worked so hard or at least it felt like we did. Going into Sunday we have 4 new people for a baptism date for the last Saturday before the transfer. And none of them came to church! But there are two of them we are pretty sure are going to be baptized. We passed by one new guy in the morning Sunday his name is Wilson. He's pretty sweet. He is so smart. He knows the bible down pat. But he doesn't like the church he is in now, that's why he came up to us one day this week. He totally understands the need for a prophet and the authority of God. We just gave him a Book Of Mormon yesterday and I'm pretty sure he might read the whole thing cause all he does after work is come home and read the Bible. The other guy we have, who is pretty solid is Iginio. He is a 70 old man who lives alone, watches TV all day and plays sorry with his friends all night. Haha! But he couldn't come Sunday because his daughter came in town but he is already trying to read the whole Book Of Mormon. So that's a good thing. I know there's a chance that I won't be here after this transfer but I'm trying to work harder so if i am or the missionary after me can have these baptisms, but more importantly that these people can have their salvation. Sunday was actually really cool this week it was an area conference, but for only Colombia. So we watched over satellite talks meant just for Colombia the area presidency talked with Elder Holland pretty sweet. We were both really frustrated yesterday when we had nothing to show for but, I'm just ready to go for it this week. Thanks for all the love. 

Love Elder Chavez

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