Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally Some Pictures!

I'm a Colombian!
Mason 1 of 2 gringos!

Mason's First Area ...  Girardot

Elder Chavez and Elder Mizari
First area Girardot

Mason's candy stash!
 He is saving his last package of mamba's for a special Halloween Treat!

New Soccer jersey!

Halloween is a family favorite ... Mason's pumpkin with a missionary badge!

Hammock in his apartment

Mason being Mason

They found this little guy in their apartment! 

Typical Missionary meal!

Elder Mizari teaching Mason how to cook arepas

Another New Jersey ...
 I told him it has the wrong soda company on it!
He laughed and said he knew I'd say that!

The "gringo's" decided they didn't want to pay to get their haircut,
so they cut each others hair!

Mason's trainer companion Elder Mizari hit his year and a half mark
so in celebration they Burned his Shirt!

Mason said this is a "Member Bike Ride"
He said that daily a member needs a ride somewhere
So the member hops on the bike and off they go!

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