Monday, October 13, 2014

One Of The Best Weeks Yet!

Man these weeks just keep going by faster and faster! But this week was one of the best ones yet! Me and Elder Mizari had some really good lessons this week. The spirit was really strong in all of them, I felt a lot stronger this week! Also was a lot more tired. Elder Mizari is kinda chubby so we are starting to actually workout every morning, usually he just sleeps in his hammock and I do sit ups and push ups next to him. Haha! But this transfer we are going to run every morning and do sit ups and push ups too. Every other switch off so we've been going to bed as soon as we finish our nightly planning! This week we found our first real Family. That other family I told you guys about doesn't live in my area so we can only go by for lunch on Sunday's and the last two weeks we haven't had time to share anything with them. But this new family is really cool. They want a better life for their two sons they are 10 and 12. They actually read what we assigned them. We haven't invited them to baptism yet, but they understand the importance of authority so I think they want it. This weekend was really crazy... It was the birthday of Girardot and it was insane here. People from all parts of Colombia came for it. Pretty much to just to get drunk. But the mom of this family works in a restaurant and we couldn't teach them this weekend because she was working form 3am to 7 pm all weekend. The people down here work really hard. Well some of them ... they are either working crazy hours or they are sitting outside of their houses doing nothing. Haha! Oh and I got the birthday package I have so much candy it's awesome!!! Eating it slowly to conserve it all! Love you all!

Elder Chavez

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