Friday, July 25, 2014


I have no clue what to even write. I really wish that I had practiced my typing more at home, I feel like I'm not going to be able to say everything I want to in this email. But I guess I'll try my best.  Colombia is great I like this MTC a lot more. The less people there are the more I have to speak Spanish which I enjoy a lot. It's crazy I can kinda carry on a broken conversation with anyone, but as soon as I'm talking to the investigator it all just clicks. I can totally feel the spirit come in to me and help me teach. The weather here is amazing! High of like 70 if that, and then it rains all the time, but there rain here isn't like the rain at home, it is like a constant mist, so you don't get wet but it keeps you really cooled off! I really like the food so far except breakfast today. We had cereal, but they don't chill their milk so you have warm cereal which i had to choke down. But other than that the food is amazing. It's made a lot of the elders have diarrhea or get constipated, but I've been just fine! I really like my new companion, he was really quiet at first but the last few days we have really started to bond. We've been helping each other learn a lot about the language. I'm glad everyone is doing OK! I hope dad is surviving all of the drama in the house! haha I miss him a lot, there is one elder in my district Elder Tlustex. He is way funny and reminds me of dad, me and him always talk about our favorite movies and they are all the movies I watch with dad. I love you Dad, stay strong, I'll be home soon! I love all of you so much, I start to miss home but then I think about the work that needs to be done and I can feel the spirit strengthen me! It's amazing how that can work! I'm going to try to send some pictures but I don't know how yet. Oh and the way p days work down here are weird. So I have my p day today, then I'll have another one on Tuesday. But my next p day won't come for 10 more days on the next Friday! kinda frustrating! But any emails are better than nothing! Well I love you all so much and pray for you every day! 

Elder Chavez

Colombia MTC Group Photos

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hola From Bogota Colombia

We made it! Sorry I didnt have anytime to call from Houston, we almost missed our flight to Colombia. But yesterday was a long day to be in an airplane it was almost a six hour flight. We got here at like 10:00PM but couldn't see a thing! So I didnt even actually get to see Colombia yet. We get to go outside in like an hour from now, so I will finally really see where I am living for the next two years. This MTC is awesome! There's only like 60 people here 35 North Americans and then the rest natives. I'm way excited to talk with the natives, even in the first morning they have showed me a ton of new stuff. I love that there are less people, for speaking spanish which is exactly what I want and need. The only thing I don't like is we have a community bathroom, which was pretty crazy this morning. So i'll have to get used to that. I got a new companion when we got here too. His name is Elder Ludwig. He was in my district from Provo and is from Salt Lake. He's a really quiet kid, but he is really smart, so I'm hoping we can learn a lot together. I know you want the address but I don't know what it is yet. But my P day is going to be on every friday from now and I would love to hear about home! So this is just a quick reminder that I love all of you and that I'm doing great. Talk to you on friday!


Elder Chavez

Monday, July 21, 2014

Headed to Bogota Colombia MTC

Mason called this morning!!! He sounds great. He said it has been hard yet so rewarding at the same time.  He was made District Leader at the Provo MTC, so he is in charge of travel etc. for about 10 missionaries headed for Bogota.  It was so good to hear his voice.  The past few days have been so long and hard.  Hearing the peace and excitement in his voice brings me so much peace.  He is ready to serve the great people of Bogota Colombia! He should arrive in Colombia late today.  This is it ... Let his journey begin and let the spirit be with him every step of the way!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

First Email

Well I made it to my first p day! This has been a crazy experience! I have felt so many different feelings since being here. homesick, happiness, loneliness, but what I felt the most is the spirit. It's already starting to get hard but because of the spirit I have felt I know this is the right thing for me to be doing. I miss you guys so much and it has only been three days. it's hard to imagine two years. I love you guys. I don't know if you know but I leave for the colombia on monday. I'll call you then. I hope next time I check I have more emails from you and everyone, please let them know. It helps getting things.  I love you so much.

Elder Chavez