Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another Baptism!

Ok well this week was really good, kinda hard in a few aspects but at the same time one of the most satisfying weeks of the whole mission. first off Baptism! two weeks in a row , that was an awesome feeling. We have been working with this kid for a little wile and in these last few weeks he just took off and started changing his life . When I first got here, the Bishop asked us to go to his house because his mom and 4 sisters had gotten baptized a year before and had stopped attending a few months back. So I went with Elder Ojeda and we got them going again, but those first six weeks  Miguel didn't want much to do with us, but Elder Forsyth and I focused a lot on him and were able to help this change. It was really spiritual, The family has a lot of love for us. That's the best part of the mission, Getting someone to do something for the good and becoming their friend all along the way. I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to be here, it's changed my life. -this last week was Easter, but here they do semana santa. A whole week to remember the lord, it's cool but at the same time they remember him and his death. But that's the best about Easter Sunday, I could defiantly feel the spirit when we sang asombro me da, I satand all amazed. I know our savior lives and that if we follow him we will live now and for the eternity as a family!

Elder Chavez

Miguel's Baptism
Cleaning vandalism off of the Church
With Elder Forsyth

Monday, March 21, 2016

It finally Happened!

The family we have been praying for and fasting for these past few weeks was finally able to be married and baptized this past week.  Here are a few pictures.  Things are good and time is passing by to fast I need it to slow down, cause I have lots of work to do.  Love you all!

Elder Chavez

June 22, 2016

Good afternoon,

Elder Mason Edward Hoskins Chavez has served honorably in the Colombia Bogota South Mission and will be returning home soon.  His itinerary is attached.  Elder Chavez leaves Bogota on June 22nd at 7:10 a.m. and arrives in Salt Lake City at 6:40 p.m.  As technology isn´t always reliable and as this will be the only itinerary sent by our office, could the Stake President please acknowledge that this email was received.

PS….Elder Chavez is one of my favorite missionaries in this mission and it makes sending out his itinerary even harder when we hate to see them have to leave.  It has been an honor to be able to get to know him and to watch his amazing leadership abilities in this mission.  He will be missed!!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Send more letters ...

This week was another awesome week! I feel like my companion and I are hitting our stride in everything, I have honestly been so happy but at the same time getting stressed out because the days are flying by! But this next week is going to be even better Brother Franklin and Sister Judith are getting married on Wednesday and baptised on Saturday so I'm stocked it has been a battle but we have seen the Lords hands in all things so now we just need to have patience. We have been meeting a lot of really good people in the last few day and have had some of the most powerful lessons, we have a calendar in our house with the dates that we put on people and it's getting full. We are really trying to help them focus on three thing simple things that sometimes pass over too fast. Read ponder and pray. I can see it in my own life, when we take the time to read and study what the Lord wants us to do it will also become our desire. This week I will have been out here for 20 months, I can't believe it, when I first got here I was so confused, I didn't understand what it really meant to be a missionary. But I have been blessed in so many ways since I have started and will always thank my Heavenly Father for this time of my life. I look back at who I was and it scares me to see all that I did, but I feel a lot of hope to see that my desires have come a lot closer to the Lords. I still have a long way to go but hey that's what will be awesome for when I get home, cause I have the help of my family. I love you guys so much it has been awesome with my new companion because we have been able to talk about our families a lot and I know that we will be an eternal family. it would be nice to see some more letters in these last few months, I would love to see some from my sisters and hear all about their lives. I love you guys so much!

Elder Chavez

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Companion :)

Mason and his New companion!

Time Goes By To Quick!

Well things have been really good for me as of late, besides the fact that we have been crazy busy. Being busy is a blessing and a curse. This last week we got to get a ton of stuff done and it made time fly by. But that's the curse, when time goes by too quick, I feel like I just wrote you yesterday. haha And it also has made me dead tired in the night time, we have been getting home planning and passing out! But we have had some confusion with the family and the marriage but finally it is all figured out. Last week they went to go get the date for the wedding, and their brother in law scared them out of it because the Brother Franklin was baptised with a different name than the one he has here in Colombia, so the brother in-law told him that he couldn't get sealed until he changed his name in Colombia. Which is not true. so this last week we went to their house with a brother from the ward that is a lawyer, and he explained that it's all ok and that they need to go take out the date now! haha so they are there right now and hopefully they will get the date for this Friday!! We have been fasting and praying for this so now it's down to them and the Lord!

Feb 29th ... Leap Day!

This last week was really good! My new companion is pretty sweet, he is from Ceder City and we have been getting a long great. In these last few weeks I was praying a lot about my desires to serve, I have felt like I need to get more deep into my calling for these last few months, And this last week I could see that the lord answered me, with my companion. We have really stepped it in to gear, this last week we were able to find 12 new people, that's the most Ive ever found in a week in Bogota. We had people get to church and that baptism is finally going to happen, that family is at the natay as we speak getting the fecha (date) for their wedding! So I'm pretty happy with how things are, but at the same time I want to get better, forget about me and just work. I hope that in these last two years I have changed into the person that the lord wants and needs me to be. love you all!

Elder Chavez