Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Time Goes By To Quick!

Well things have been really good for me as of late, besides the fact that we have been crazy busy. Being busy is a blessing and a curse. This last week we got to get a ton of stuff done and it made time fly by. But that's the curse, when time goes by too quick, I feel like I just wrote you yesterday. haha And it also has made me dead tired in the night time, we have been getting home planning and passing out! But we have had some confusion with the family and the marriage but finally it is all figured out. Last week they went to go get the date for the wedding, and their brother in law scared them out of it because the Brother Franklin was baptised with a different name than the one he has here in Colombia, so the brother in-law told him that he couldn't get sealed until he changed his name in Colombia. Which is not true. so this last week we went to their house with a brother from the ward that is a lawyer, and he explained that it's all ok and that they need to go take out the date now! haha so they are there right now and hopefully they will get the date for this Friday!! We have been fasting and praying for this so now it's down to them and the Lord!

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