Monday, March 14, 2016

Send more letters ...

This week was another awesome week! I feel like my companion and I are hitting our stride in everything, I have honestly been so happy but at the same time getting stressed out because the days are flying by! But this next week is going to be even better Brother Franklin and Sister Judith are getting married on Wednesday and baptised on Saturday so I'm stocked it has been a battle but we have seen the Lords hands in all things so now we just need to have patience. We have been meeting a lot of really good people in the last few day and have had some of the most powerful lessons, we have a calendar in our house with the dates that we put on people and it's getting full. We are really trying to help them focus on three thing simple things that sometimes pass over too fast. Read ponder and pray. I can see it in my own life, when we take the time to read and study what the Lord wants us to do it will also become our desire. This week I will have been out here for 20 months, I can't believe it, when I first got here I was so confused, I didn't understand what it really meant to be a missionary. But I have been blessed in so many ways since I have started and will always thank my Heavenly Father for this time of my life. I look back at who I was and it scares me to see all that I did, but I feel a lot of hope to see that my desires have come a lot closer to the Lords. I still have a long way to go but hey that's what will be awesome for when I get home, cause I have the help of my family. I love you guys so much it has been awesome with my new companion because we have been able to talk about our families a lot and I know that we will be an eternal family. it would be nice to see some more letters in these last few months, I would love to see some from my sisters and hear all about their lives. I love you guys so much!

Elder Chavez

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