Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Feb 29th ... Leap Day!

This last week was really good! My new companion is pretty sweet, he is from Ceder City and we have been getting a long great. In these last few weeks I was praying a lot about my desires to serve, I have felt like I need to get more deep into my calling for these last few months, And this last week I could see that the lord answered me, with my companion. We have really stepped it in to gear, this last week we were able to find 12 new people, that's the most Ive ever found in a week in Bogota. We had people get to church and that baptism is finally going to happen, that family is at the natay as we speak getting the fecha (date) for their wedding! So I'm pretty happy with how things are, but at the same time I want to get better, forget about me and just work. I hope that in these last two years I have changed into the person that the lord wants and needs me to be. love you all!

Elder Chavez

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