Thursday, January 15, 2015

Way Sweet!

This Sunday was way sweet we had 6 investigators come to church. 6! So in the next weeks we should be having some baptisms. Finally! I actually feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to. Haha.  The marriage and baptism that was set for the 10th didn't happen.  The guy said he didn't love the girl enough to marry her so the baptism was a no go.  They have been doing this for years with the missionaries. This week was hard though. I was in another area for two days because Elder Hurtado had some meeting in Bogota so I didn't work in my area at all those days and then when he came home he was sick. So he just laid in bed and slept. It sucked I was so bored and I just wanted to go out there and work. But Saturday we worked hard and got all those people to church so it was worth the wait I guess. Haha Have a great week.  Happy 6 months family! Time is flying by! 

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