Monday, August 3, 2015

Especially my Eyes

Things were hard yet again this week, Actually pretty funny with some stuff that happened. In our companionship inventory, my companion just was not participating, and I asked him what does he need to be able to work? And he told me a new companion. So I called the zone leaders and he talked to them and they just happed to be with our mission president, so our president had a talk with us and told us we need to make plans and goals to make things better. So when we got of the phone with him, I tried to make goals and my companion told me that he just doesn't like me, expecially my eyes that he doesn't want to work with me, that everything about me he just doesn't like. So I asked him what I can do better and he said nothing, just that he wants a new companion. So that's how the week has been he pretty much has just been following me around place to place while I've been teaching. My president knows everything so don't think that he is not doing his job, i just know that there is something more that I need or my companion needs in this. I dont know if well stay together all transfer but hey it can only go up right?? haha I'm really excited for this week though because I can start doing some exchanges to help out the other elders in the district. There are only four of us and I'm the oldest one the next closest to me have four months so they have all been kinda lost in their areas. So I'm going over there to help them out. I love you all. 

Elder Chavez

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