Monday, July 27, 2015

Many Blessings

Well we had combios yesterday, well technically today ... and I found out what I will be doing for the next six weeks. Well ... I'm staying in Chicoral and with my companion!!! I was pretty sure that we were going to get a change, He has drove me up the wall as you have all seen but, I have been given many blessings in the last week. I have started to see the Lords hands playing a bigger part in my own personal life, I have started to lose myself more than ever. Today when they called with the new I was hoping for a change and I did get one! I have been called to be a district leader again! And I honestly have felt so good all day. I know the Lord is giving me another chance to help my companion in this transfer and me to help the other Elders out. I'm getting really excited for this transfer I hope and pray that I can be guided to help then with their needs. It's going to be fun!

Elder Chavez

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