Monday, July 13, 2015

Keep on Praying

Well things have been going alright. I can't say better cause I don't want to lie but that's how it's been. I've been super tired because I am literally doing everything. But I'm proud. I'm proud that I have started to love all of this stuff, it hurts me to see that my companion doesn't feel the the same. But this week has some really good parts too. We got to meet President Baquerizo, who is awesome and reminds me a lot of my father. He brought three kids here to the mission with his wife and they are an awesome family. I could honestly feel his love from the moment he hugged me. I was able to have my first interview with him and it was a little different, because we didn't say a word about me, we just talked about what was going on with my companion well what's still is going on. Haha President Barquerizo told me he doesn't know why my companion came or why the lord sent him here. But he said he does know that the Lord trusts me and that I can change this Elders life. And I can honestly say I have tried so hard this last week. I sit him down like every other day and we talk about the problems he has, still I am really confused. He doesn't like me to teach with the scriptures because he doesn't believe in them. I set goals with him to pray and read and be obedient and then in the next hour he tries to go and take a nap or sleeps in or comes to study late, that's when it hurts, he's choosing not to do his part, it's like I'm living with an investigator. But the work isn't all bad I hope you guys don't think that I'm sad or what ever because I'm fine. I actually had a really good week with the members that have taken a little notice of the situation and have started to help me more, I have made some really good friends here. Friends that I will have forever. I wish I could write more but I hope all is well I'm printing pics of the dogs because all the members are way excited to meet them. Haha i love you and dad does look hubba hubba! Haha have fun and take care..
Love Elder Chavez
Mason's Dog Sophie had puppies on July 2nd!

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