Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Things are Looking Up

Well things have been really good as of late, Our mission president has made some new normas or things that we need to be doing daily. Like find 2 new people invite 6 people to baptism every week. So we have been trying really hard to apply that to our lessons and this last week we found more people than I have since I got here, and we can see if they really want to progress when we invite them to baptism. We have one baptism that looks pretty for sure the 5 of September. the week before my birthday. haha almost 20 how crazy!!!  But her name is Judith and she is an old grandma who lives alone with another older grandma. haha All she has to do is come to church one more time and she set, she always tells us how excited she is for her baptism so I think we are going good with her. I'm doing pretty good, just trying to get things going really good in my area, I have the feeling that I'm probably headed out of here in two week so I want to leave the area perfect for my new companion so he can help out all the people we´ll leave behind. Kinda like I did in Nevia. Remember that family that I worked with for a way long time in Nevia but could never get them married. Well they got married and baptised two weeks ago and I got to talk with them this last week it was pretty awesome! they are now trying to get to the temple, so that was some pretty awesome news. I love you all so much.

Elder Chavez

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