Tuesday, October 6, 2015

iré y haré like Nefi said

Things have been really good, this week was a whole lot better I was able to progress a lot with my companion and we had interviews with our mission president. I Was able to talk to him about a lot, normally the interviews last like 20 min but we talked for like an hour asnwering my quesitons and just getting things going for the future. He told me something that did make me kinda sad, He told me that it is almost a sure thing that I will be leaving Chicoral in the next 3 weeks he said that I need to prepare my companion and the area for a new missionary. Haha I hope I can do what he and the Lord have asked of me. WE have baptisms in the  next week, and then looks like I be heading out. But hey thats the point right iré y haré like nefi said (I will go and do like Nephi said). But I'm excited I feel a lot better as of late with a new spirit so that has made things really fun.

Elder Chavez

Birthday Celebration ... it is tradition to smash and egg on your head and then dump
flour over it! So grateful for members like Sandra Patricia Garcia Perdomo
Who have taken mason  in and taken care of him!

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