Monday, October 26, 2015

Life has been turned upside down

Yeah! So my life has been turned upside down in the last week. Bogota is like a whole different world. It's been fun but at the same time kinda hard on me, I have been a little home sick for my branch in Chicoral. It was so hard to say goodbye down there, I went home on the last night crying like a little baby. We worked really hard this last week and we did some good things here, but it's hard because I still have no clue where I am or who the people are and everyone here is busy so it not like you just have time to bond really we teach and then we leave, they are all in a rush. It's been really spiritual though especially yesterday in church they talked about the atonement a lot and it was something that I need. I had felt a little alone in the week and stressed out with all these new responsibilities but hearing more about my Savior helped. That's why this week I want us to ponderize 2 nephi 25 : 23. It talks about the grace, the help we get from God, but it says we have to do every thing we possibly can first. I know it might be hard here at first because it's a big change, but I know if I keep going forward doing everything I will receive the grace of God. So I hope you can all keep going on too! haha I've had to use my arteyrx jacket all week cause I've been so cold. haha but I'm already getting used to it the first night I had to sleep with like 3 shirts on and my jacket. haha love you all!

Elder Chavez

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