Monday, November 30, 2015

Crazy Day!

Things have been crazy today, things got changed around as of late. WE had transfers this week, but now we have transfers on monday instead of tuesday. So my Companion left and I have been at the stake center all day sending and reciving missionaries, which has been super boring. haha My new companion is Elder Smith, he is from indiana and he has been one of my good friends all mission, we are from the same group. He was my zone leader in Girardot for like 4 months and now we are together. haha But this week has been good we have been doing a lot as of late so that's really good. So I should be having a baptism kind soon I think and hope. His name is Andres he is 22 and is from the coast, and was progressing a ton a few weeks ago but he got a new job so we lost complete contact with him for like 2 weeks but this last week we found him again and he came to church and he says he knows he needs to be baptized so that is really cool. he only needs one more attendance and then he can get dunked so I'm getting excited for that, but besides him we need to find more, That's why I'm exctited for my new companion, he really likes to work hard so I think we can kick some butt this transfer!

Elder Chavez

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