Monday, November 16, 2015

Knocking on Doors

Well sounds like everyone had a decent week at home so that makes me way happy. I have been trying really hard to pray a lot harder for you guys especially with all the things that are going on right now. Things went well this week I have kinda started to change my strategy with the work as of late. We have had a hard time working with the members so last week we started to knock on doors like crazy. We had a meeting with our mission presiente this last Thursday and we talked a ton about the importance of finding people, and i felt bad. haha we were working really hard but at the same time coming home at the end of the day without any news and I knew that I was being a good example for my zone so I told my companion we are going to start knocking doors to find. He was hesitant at first and so was I, it's not the most effective way to work but in the last three days of the week we were able to find 7 people. So I felt a lot better, I know the Lord has called me to lead these Elders and Sisters, but I know that he also called me to learn how to do the things his way. I have lacked that in the last few weeks I think, I have been trying my best but I haven't always done it the way that the Lord wanted me too. So I am going to focus on that now, how can I do the Lords will in all things. We had a new family go to church, a family of 4! haha but it's going to be kind of difficult with them, they are all women. A mom and her three daughters, and they all have the boyfriends and let's just say they have to make a few challenges with that. haha but the mom is really good and really wants to change her life, it looks like she has always done what's wrong and she wants to feel something more now. It's been awesome to see the Book of Mormon work in her, she really gets it. Things have been good, I just really want to get better, I feel as if I am missing something here in Bogota. I'm just trying to follow the spirit as best as I can so I'm excited for this new week to start. I went to the temple this morning so I feel good and ready, I am so glad that we have our savior and the chance to better each and every day with the atonement.

Elder Chavez

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