Monday, November 9, 2015

A Crazy Story of Course

This was a good week but still pretty hard. Things here are quite different in Bogota. The people are a lot more closed off, so we have had a really hard time to find new people. It's way weird too because everyone works until night time, So we really don't have visits until like six and i really don't like that. haha In tierra client I always worked with the members but here it is hard because they hardly have time to let us in. But I have noticed that the people here are really faithful. When we leave them an assignment the actually do it. So that makes it easier to find investigators who actually progress. I have times when I really miss my old branch, but I know with the time I'll make some good friends here too. We actually had a baptism this week and it was crazy. Sorry I didn't give you an update ... we didn't really know what was going on with the lady but we got her and her daughter in the water. But with a crazy story of course, so we had our baptism service after another group of elders, but those other elders didn't know the water was emptying after they baptised the guy, so when we went to do our baptism there was no water, so we had to fill it up and the water storage pump in the church is all out of water so we had to wait like an hour to have it fill up again. It just barley had enough water to get to like my knee. so hardly any. But the worst part is that the water was freezing cold. So when I went to baptize the little girl she freaked out and  we had to do it twice. haha but the best part is yet to come. The water level was like too low to baptize the mom so my mission president told me to sit down in the water while my companion was baptising her to make the level go up! So we were all in there together in freezing cold water. But we got it done. hahah Have a good Week I love you all!

Elder Chavez

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