Monday, September 14, 2015

We ended the Week Good

Well this last week was pretty good, but kinda hard. We had good fun days with our district and our zone but with this last week being transfers we had to help out a lot and we ended up losing a lot of time. We kinda had to run around all over  the place. I have now officially been to every single area in this zone. I got to go to Melgar this last week which is the area of my good friend Elder Haralson ,my companion from the mtc. I had to go there to help them out with a baptism interview. I forgot to tell you that my district had grown ... in the past it was just my companion and I with two other elders but now we have two more Elder with us. So that makes things a lot more fun. So after a whole week of running around we got to my birthday which was pretty fun. I woke up to some fun phone calls from the members singing to me, and then that night we went out to celebrate. haha one of the familias invited me to dinner, so we ran and ate some hamburgers with them. My one really good friends here. Sister Sandra couldn't do anything on Saturday so we went to her house yesterday and she made me a huge fruit salad. I'll have to send you a picture of it. We ended the week good though. We have a new family they have actually come to church for a long time but haven't wanted to take the discussions from us because they wanted to be ready. So this last week we started to visit them and they are way excited to be baptized, they have a date for the 3 of October so we are working really hard with that. I really want to get lost more, I feel like for a while there I lost some of my vision and started thinking more about me and that was really wrong of me. I hate the fact that I have only ten months left, I want to get better and I don't have the time I need. But I guess that's why I have the lord, to help me with that that I can not do. 

Elder Chavez

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