Monday, September 7, 2015

I can still be Joven!

Well this last week was a pretty good one, we were able to do a lot of things. Like I said in the past, my new mission president has established some goals for us that we should try to complete each week. And to be totally honest I think it's cool that we need to be finding new people every day and always inviting people to be baptized,  but at the same time I have felt uncomfortable doing it. I have always worked really well with the members and that's how I have always had success but with this new system working with the members doesn't cut it. So I have really gone out of my comfort zone in the last few weeks, but this last week I started to figure things out a lot better and we were able to have success. We had a baptism which was really cool, it was pretty spiritual, the sister was super happy! She came out of the water and grabbed my hand and looked at me and just said a huge Gracias!!! Haha but I could see it in her,  she felt the change it was an awesome experience. I'm excited for what's in store ... we got our transfers, and I'm staying here in Chicoral with my companion. Haha looks like I'll be in this pueblo (town)  for six months haha but that's sweet I feel like I need to do something more for them still. We have some people who look like they could get baptised in the upcoming weeks. So we'll have to see what happens there. Looks like things are going good at home I'm happy for all of you. Feels weird to be turning twenty but hey it's just a number doesn't mean I can't still be joven (young). Haha!
Picture of the area Mason is currently serving in Chicoral Colombia

Getting Wet Baptism September 5, 2015

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