Monday, April 27, 2015

Most Rewarding Thing I have Ever Done!

Things here are going good. We had 8 people go to church this week. I got a little bummed out though, That family that we were teaching is way excited to get baptised and married. But they want to wait.. they want to have like really nice rings and stuff like that. So we taught them and they were like we'll talk about it. Then they went to a church activity Night of spouses, and I thought the members would have been really encouraging to get them married as fast as possible. But now they now have a baptism date and wedding date set for the End of June. JUNE!!! ha ha I was bummed, I thought they were going to be the first family I could baptise, but the bishop told me that if I'm not here by then it counts as my baptism so that's cool I guess. Transfers are next week and I'm pretty sure I'm out of here, but not sure if I'm really ready to leave. Some times I want to go to a place that is cold and everything but I've made some awesome friends here. Mario, my convert got the Priesthood yesterday which was awesome to see. No I'm not district leader anymore I was only it for 6 weeks but to be honest it's nice not to be I can focus more on my personal conversion. I'm glad things are good at home. Time is flying mom two more weeks and we will be skyping all over again. I miss you guys, but there's something about this work that makes being out here so rewarding. Most rewarding thing I have ever done. hands down . Take care I love you guys!

Elder Chavez

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