Monday, April 13, 2015

Baptism Week!

Well things are going pretty good! We had the baptism on Saturday April 11,2015 and we have another one for this Saturday! I forgot my camera today but I'll send you some pictures next week  after the next baptism. The Boy We baptized  name is Santiago and he is awesome! He's 14 but he is reading the whole Book of Mormon! He has shown us all of his family and we are teaching all of them right now too. So I'm really stoked for him! He's become a good friend of mine. I'm really trying my hardest. The mission is the hardest thing I have ever done. Sometimes I feel like a big piece of poop and I can't do it. Ha ha!  But every time I push on the lord helps me, every time! Things are going good I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving Neiva in the next transfer so I'm trying to leave my area and ward way better than when I found it. I just keep praying that I'm doing my part. You guys taught me some great things, thanks Mom and Dad!. I love you guys so much and the girls. I miss you guys but it a good miss I want to work my butt off so when I get to that day when I see all of you I can say I came home with honor and left my blood sweat and tears in the mission field. 9 months this Thursday! Almost to the year mark and the time just keeps flying. I love you all so much.  I pray for you every day.

Elder Chavez

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