Monday, May 18, 2015

McDonald's never tasted sooo Good!

I'm doing pretty good, this week was kinda a long one. But things have been picking back up again. I got to go to a sweet city this week for a leader meeting even though I'm not a leader, My president says I need to get prepared for when the call comes back. So I don't know what that means?? And ... You'll never believe what I got to eat in this city!! MCDONALDS!! haha it was soooo good! I  had my first big mac in over 10 months!!! Times flying. I  just want to stay more focused. Being a trainer has been hard, I've been pretty stressed. Just because he doesn' know how to do anything, but we are getting better. We didn't start off with the best relationship but we've gotten a lot better. He just was very quite when we started but now we talk alot more. I actually had my very last interview with my mission president this last week. I was pretty sad we get a new president in a month. He told me that I have progressed a lot in this time, so that made me feel good. I hope that doesn't stop! I want to come home a changed person. I want to have a personal conversion that's my main goal! I love you all so much.

Elder Chavez

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