Tuesday, May 24, 2016

23 months!

As time get closer to Elder Chavez coming home the shorter and shorter his letters have become.  He is still working hard and loving the people of Bogota.  He gets along great with his companion, and they are working hard to leave the area better than they found it.  This week will be the last transfer for Mason in the Mission He Said "Things are going really good here too, kinda crazy. This week is transfers and then three weeks more and I'm home!  haha It was way weird today I went to the center with Elder Smith my good friend and hes going home this next week. So it's weird to see my friends leaving!!" A few things ... We sent a package with one of Mason's friends who was traveling to Colombia.  His luggage was left in Miami and the "Government" went thru it to make sure there was nothing in there that should not be.  They opened Mason's package and went thru it.  They took the White dress shirt that I had sent for Mason to wear home :(  They also took other gifts that mason's friend was taking back to his family in Colombia! Makes me so mad that someone can just take what they want out of your luggage.  Luckily they did not find the DEBIT card I had hidden in there for Mason.  We were worried about how we would get that safely to him.  Luckily the Lord was watching out and made sure it found him safe.  We sent Mason some peanut butter and jam (per his request) He said he and his companion have already gone through the entire jar of jam!  Mason has really missed his sweets!  Mason says to tell everyone Hi and he loves you all! He can't wait to get home and hug everyone!

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