Tuesday, August 5, 2014


 I am so sorry! I didn't get to email last week! We had to go to immigration on our p day and we were stuck there for like 5 hours it stunk! But I am finally writing and I have no clue what to say! I have really been missing everybody a lot lately! I have the picture of our family hung up so it's the first thing I get to see every day. I love all of you some much, I'm excited to see the girls start school next week. I want to see their first day pictures! I'm going to send some pictures today or at least try. I'm sorry I haven't sent any, it's way hard. You think and hour is a lot of time to write a message but it's not! I can't think of everything I want to say! I can honestly feel your love and prays from here. I went through a rough patch when I didn't get to write last week but I am doing so much better! I will be writing every Tuesday from now on but my p day will be on Friday! I guess what we are doing this Friday, we are going out to proselytize. haha I'm so scared but that is honestly when I feel the best out here, when we are practicing with our fake investigator and trying to change their lives. So pray for me alot on Friday I'm going to need all the help I can get!  I love all of you soo much

Love Elder Chavez

Picture of the traffic in Bogota.  Mason said the traffic there is CRAZY!

Bogota Temple

Bogota Temple

Bogota Temple

Mason and His 2nd Companion
Elder Ludwig

MTC President

They made Mason get his haircut!
I told him I liked him with longer hair but he said
"Me too, but hey I haven't had to do it for the past two weeks!"
That's Mason for you! Always seeing the positive in everything!

Outside the Colombia MTC

Mason outside the Colombia MTC


View from the MTC

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