Thursday, August 28, 2014

Elder Chavez Has Arrived!

Dear family of Elder Chavez,
We are happy to inform you that Elder Chavez got here to the mission Tuesday and ate lunch with President and Sister Lozano in the mission home with the rest of the group of missionaries he arrived with. Today he received his welcome training and now is ready to go out to the mission field with his trainer and work to bring souls to Christ through baptism and reactivation.
We are happy to have Elder Chavez in our mission and we are sure that he will soon become a successful missionary. (Preach My Gospel pg. 10)
In the mission the preparation day (P-Day) is Monday and is when you will receive updates from him, not this Friday.
Thank you for all your love, dedication, and help in the preparation of Elder Chavez with coming to the mission.

~Élder Smith~
Secretario del Presidente
Misión Colombia Bogotá Sur

Mason With the Mission President and Sister Lozano

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