Friday, August 22, 2014

Leaving the MTC in 4 Days!

I got a new district this week with the Latinos it's pretty fun. I only have four more days here and then I am in the field!!  I'm really excited though! A little scared but that's what makes it fun.   But I had a few cool things happen to me this last week, one of the Elders I have become good friends with asked me to give him a blessing. My first blessing ever!!! I was really nervous. But it was amazing I had never felt the spirit like that before, I started to talk and it was like something came inside me. It was awesome, we got to go back to the temple this week which was really nice. Then we got another day of proselyting yesterday and I Got 10 contacts with my new companion, we are doing OK for not having any Latinos. haha! I was also  to finish the Book of Mormon for the first time out here! 
IT was really nice, I am picking up so much more than I ever have. I know that, that book is true! And that because it's true this whole church is true! Thanks for the pictures of the girls. I really miss all of you. But I know everything will be OK. Tell grace I'm sorry about her hand, and that I'm proud of Izzy! Both of them are so beautiful! That's crazy that summer is over I don't know where the time has gone, I feel as if I were home yesterday. I love you mom! And tell Dad I love him too!  I really miss him some days, I think about all the movies we watched or how we always goofed off with each other,  I miss it. I never want that to change!!!  Dad has been such an inspiration to me out here! When I think of him I always get lot of confidence. I love all of you so much!!!!

Elder Chavez

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