Monday, September 1, 2014

The Field ... Girardot Colombia

Man it is crazy out here. Way different form the MTC. Haha! But my trainers name is Elder Mizari, He's way cool, teaching me how to be exactly obedient which I want to do so bad. Our area is Girardot. We took a four hour bus ride to get here. And holy crap it's hot here!!! 90 to 100 degrees all day! And I have to say I was pretty scared when we got out here. But I'm trying my hardest to get lost in this work. We ride bikes everywhere we go so that's fun, but my area is all hills so all day long we bike up and down hills. But I really enjoy it. We have like 8 people we teach, some are so ready for this gospel but so many people down here aren't married. So we have to wait, but they don't have the money to it's really sad. We eat some pretty interesting food down here, we call the soup chicken blender cause it looks like they put an entire chicken in a blender and pour it out. The best thing I've eaten so far is this fish. It was fried, but you seriously eat the whole thing. skin eyes and brain! It was really good Haha! We also get juice at every house we go to. Probably because I am sweating so freaking much. Honestly I sweat 24/7 even when I sleep! P day was fun today, we played soccer the whole time. And all the Latinos were like "a gringo who can play!" It was pretty funny! That's all for this week ... love everyone!!

Elder Chavez

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