Friday, September 12, 2014

HaPpY 19Th BiRtHdAy!

Dear Elder Chavez,
I seriously can not believe that 19 years have come and gone as fast as they have.  Today is a bittersweet day for me.  My heart is so full of Love for you.  You made me a Mom, you gave me a life that I never thought possible.  You gave me Hope at a time I had none.  You're not here at home today with us to celebrate. You're thousands of miles away ... for that I am sad.  But your purpose of being there makes my heart happy!   You have grown into such a fine young man.  I often think about the people your dad and I were when we had you ... young, dumb and had no clue what this life was all about.  And then I think about you Mason,  The sweet strong spirit  you are.  And the courage you had to step forward at a time when Heavenly Father asked "Who would go down and help these two lost people?"  I picture you quietly raising your hand and stepping forward saying " I will go!" You knew what we needed, your sweet spirit showed us the true reason for this earthly life.  I always knew you were special!  You were always a little man from the beginning.  I often joke ... I don't know who raised who! Haha! But seriously Mason,  You have taught so much to me and your Dad in the 19 years you have been here!!! You make us laugh, you tease everyone all the time. You know how to frustrate me almost as much as your Dad! Haha! And lately you have made us cry, cause we miss you so much!!! But through the tears you make us smile.  We await Monday's as though it is Christmas every week!   Seeing the growth and the changes in you each week, make us so happy and proud to be your Mom and Dad!  You still continue to teach and amaze me each and every day with your strength and determination to do what's right!  I am so proud of who you have become.  I know you worry about choices you have made and if you could have done better.  But listen to me when I say,  Never regret the choices you have and will make, they are what build character, they teach us what we really want and need in this life.  We are so proud of you for making this choice to serve The Lord!  There is no better gift that I could give you at this time in your life than this experience!  I hope you cherish this gift! Love the people of Colombia with all your heart and Strength and give them the Love and Hope that you gave to our family!  We love you more than you will ever know Mason! We hope you enjoy this day and know that we love you and are thinking about you always!


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