Monday, September 29, 2014

Ditching the Bikes

This week was kinda hard work wise, we have ran out of people to teach this last week. So we started to ditch the bikes so we could talk to people on the streets easier, which worked!!! We found like 5 new people to teach this week and one family that looks promising, they are married which is a miracle down here!! Haha!  Sundays are my favorite day, the spirit is always the best and we always have the best lessons! We can only teach that family I told you about last week on Sundays too. The dad is praying for an answer and is reading too! So that's good! We are taking it slow with him. I'm really excited for Halloween. Even though I don't get to do anything, I think I might buy some decorations for our house and even make some stupid costume! Haha! That's it for this week. Love you all!

Elder Chavez

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