Monday, September 8, 2014

First Baptism this Saturday!

Well I hope you guys liked the letter that I sent?! It wasn't very long and I hope the package you sent me was small because last week I forgot to tell you, if it's over 4 pounds when it comes, we have to pay taxes on it!! And that would come out of my food money! So if it is you might need to put more money on my card, Haha!  But I have cool news ... there a kid from school who had to go home for surgery and he said he will bring stuff down here for me. I'm going to give him your number so you can give him stuff. I would like a jar of Renfros and candy, and my Olympic Montroux and Liverpool jersey and some more letters! But things have been going pretty good. We have 10 investigators with a baptism date, but only 3 showed up to church. It can be so frustrating! But some cool and crazy weird stuff... So first off , no one wears clothes down here and it's freaking disgusting Haha! But we will be in the middle of a lesson and a lady will just pull out her boob to feed her kid it's soooo awkward. Hahaha! Everyone thinks it's so cool I speak English, they have me translate like every word. Haha and on Sunday's the chapel is awesome because it's way cold in there! And guess what way cold is?? 81 degrees Haha! I never thought that would be considered cold. Haha! oh and I'm having my first baptism this Saturday and I'm way scared!!  I really like my companion,  He is really good at playing soccer and he really likes to work hard and that is all I really want to do.  The language is coming along ok.  It can get hard at times when 5 people are talking at once.  Well that's it for this week!

Elder Chavez

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