Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Baptism September 13, 2014

First off ... My baptism  was freaking nuts!!! The lady I baptized is Nubia and she is really big! Haha, but anyways they didn't have any baptism clothes that could fit her, so it was really awkward. So like 5 minutes before the baptism we had to run, and I mean run to the store to buy her clothes ... but they didn't have any ... So we got the next best thing a bed sheet! Haha!  We got a bed sheet and cut a hole in the middle and that's what she was baptized in! Haha! I had to do it twice because she didn't plug her nose the first time and her feet came out. But I dunked her pretty hard the next time!!  Things are going getting better.  I stay busy everyday all day. I am so exhausted by the time I get home I just go to bed and get up and repeat the same thing the next day.  My legs get so tired by the end of the day everyday.  It rained here this week on my birthday,  that was cool but then the sun came out and it got super muggy and humid.  I am dripping sweat all day everyday. Weeks are flying by, 2 months today!! I am trying my best out here.  I've started to set goals to focus on.  All I really want is to get lost out here. Make sure to tell Izzy Happy Birthday! Tell her I love her and that she's going to kill it in lacrosse! I am going to try and send pictures but the Internet where I am at is really slow. Love you 

Elder Chavez

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