Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Week Came And Went

Well this last week was one of the greatest I have ever had. We started off with absolutely nothing. Not going to lie I was freaking out and had no clue where to go. But all of the sudden out of nowhere we met people. We met people who were really interested. We met a grandma and her grandson  Nubia and David. He has 17 anos (years) but is really smart, we taught him on wed. He came to an activity we had on Saturday and church on Sunday. He really wants an answer if it's true. We have a noche de hogan (home evening) tonight so that should be fun. We are going to cook food from Peru Elder Mizari is going to teach us. Me and Elder Mizari are working so much better together, we always have, but I think when he realized that he was going to stay here for one more transfer  he realized that it's because god has a plan for us.  Things have been going good we have been talking about what we think a lot more and how we are going to improve things. And it seems to be working. We just need to start getting all these people to church. So they can have these blessings. That's one of the most frustrating things out here, they say they want help but the wont act. if they just came God could help them that much more. But we are trying. I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving. It's weird because it's not a holiday down here. But I just want to say how grateful I am for all of you! I thought I loved my family before the mission but know I love you with everything I have. I love my parents and all the things they have sacrificed for me over the years. My two little  sisters, I hope they know that I love them and that I'm sorry that I have always teased them so much, that's how I show my love I guess. haha  all my family, my friends they have been examples for me and I miss and love them too. The thing I am most grateful for in my life is my Savior and my Redeemer Jesus Christ. I never truly understood what the atonement was before the mission and still am learning as I go. But I have come to realise that that is THE greatest gift we have ever received. I love Jesus Christ and I'm just trying to serve him the best I can. Have fun eat a lot for me!!

 Elder Chavez

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