Monday, November 3, 2014

Nueva Semana

Well this week came and went really fast. Kinda weird how fast things are going, I don't really like it to be honest. I only have two weeks left with my training and I feel like I still need to improve so much more, kinda scares me. But I'm just going to keep trying . This week, we got a lot of our lessons back up which was really nice. This last week we worked with a lot of less actives. We had three people come to church with us this last week all menos actives (less active). But hey they are lamas (souls) going back to God. Halloween was a lot different here. Only really the kids dress up, and people don't trick or treat at houses. They all go to stores. And they  give crappy candy too. Ha ha but it was a pretty good day. The  girls costumes are awesome and I love the pumpkin. Sounds like everything at home is going pretty awesome. Things here are really great too. It's nice I can feel myself getting lost. Time goes like nothing. I actually have one pretty crazy story. The other night we were out biking look for our next appointment. When it started to get all windy and then all of the sudden all the lights went out. It was crazy dark and then  there was a ton of thunder and lighting. This was all in like a minute period then it started to rain. It was a crazy down pour!! We had to run and hide under some random restaurant  We tried to wait the rain out but it wouldn't stop, our zone leaders called us and said to go home. The ride home was crazy, I was completely soaked and way muddy from my bike tires filing mud up on me. But what was cool is when we were waiting we got contacts  from four different people. One was in the area of my friend Elder Jones and this guy wants to come to church with them next week. There is always a time to share the gospel even during a crazy rain storm!!! So I'm going to tell you a story about that Iginio guy I wrote about last week, This is how different things are outside America. So he's 72 lives alone, perfect to teach. We passed by the other day for an appointment and he wasn't there, we stopped by again later in the day and asked him where he was. I guess he has a prostitute that lives in the  next city over, she is twenty years old and is claiming that she is pregnant with his kid. Ha ha  but he says it's not his kid until he sees the papers. But it cost a lot for papers and the lady will never be able to pay for them. So it's not his kid I guess. Oh and this lady sells drugs too. Ha ha  pretty crazy life. I don't think we are going to teach him anymore if he's involved with prostitutes. but who knows he could always change.  Well that's it for this week, I love you all some much don't have to much fun without me!

Elder Chavez

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