Monday, November 10, 2014

Esta Semana

Well, This week was a pretty sweet one, probably one of the best ones yet! Had a lot of cool experiences... One of the cooler ones was that Elder Mizari and I got to go to a new area for a day. We got a phone call from a lady in Bogota and she asked if we could go Visit her family and they live in a city named Aguas De Dios. Which is like 30 minutes from Girardot. So we got permission and went. And it was soo cool there, way calm and relaxed and it was super pretty.  And was actually not a hundred degrees outside!!! Haha, but we had the the appointment with this lady's family and we got five people with baptism dates. So it went ok. Ha, but it was way cool because we were practically the very first Elders to ever set foot in this area. There's only one known member who is living there. So there is crazy amount of potential. We are going to go there every Wednesday from here on out. So I'll let you know more about that. Funny fact about that city to, it's a city of lepors, Like in the bible! Haha, that's where all the sick people used to live. I thought that was so crazy! We also got two sweet references this week from our members. One a lady named Norma we taught her and told her to pray to know if its true. And the next time we taught her she said the she had got and answer that she heard a voice in the night saying that what these men are teaching is true. So that was neat. She didn't come to church though when she promised she would, it was because her boyfriend came in town and they went to lunch or something so today we are going by to set her priorities straight. We also have been working with a less active Achiur, we actually reactivated him yesterday he is really cool and has been wanting to help us out a lot. He wants to be a missionary. But he introduced us to one of his friends Lorena we taught her Saturday she accepted a baptisms date in the lesson, after the lesson she came with us to the baptism that was being held that night, and then she came to church in the morning. Haha so that was a first for me. She says she really likes it we have a lesson with her today too. Book of Mormon! so she is most likely our next baptism just need to get her and all the others to church. This is the first time that I Have actually had a lot of names to work with. And the only reason we have them is because of the member. Elder Mizari has always told me the only way to have success is working with the members. So that's what I want everyone at home to do To. We can all look for opportunities to share. and also work with the missionaries. Well that's the work that happened this week, oh actually church was a little crazy yesterday. One of the members ran over a dog in the parking lot. It was fine after. But it wouldn't come out from underneath the car so everyone was outside trying to poke it out with brooms haha and now the dog is a pet for the family that hit it. haha so that's good. But during sacrament two birds flew through the window and were flying around during the meeting haha I was trying not to laugh. haha well that's all folks I love you all so very much!

Elder Chavez

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