Thursday, January 7, 2016

I will be coming home ...

This week was kinda hard not going to lie, well the end of the week was just super sad. Then Thursday night I was doing a baptism interview with some guy and my companion came in and said we had to leave right after I had finished the interview, because there was an emergency in the zone. Apparently one of the Zone members has been in some trouble and we had to go get him and bring him to our house New Years Eve, so he didn't get into more trouble. The next day we had to take him to our presidents house and we found out that he was getting sent home, and that we have to take care of him until they get him a flight. So our whole weekend we were with these elders. Really hard to watch, he started the mission with me. So it was really hard to work with them following us around.  So I have some news about the date ...I will be coming home ....... on the...  wait for it.... June 22nd! Well there are cambios this week so there is a chance I could leave, Ive never just stayed in an area for 2 transfers so I think it would be way weird if they got me out but I don't know what will happen. Well I gotta go, I love you all.

 Elder Chavez

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