Thursday, December 25, 2014

Feliz Navidad Elder Chavez

Christmas came a day early this year.  Mason is currently serving his mission in Neiva Colombia. He and his companion are the only 2 missionaries in the area! We were able to Skype with him as a family on Christmas Eve.  Mason's face radiated with pure happiness.  He was calling us from a little store just off the street that was maybe 10x20. No one in Colombia has cell phones, so you go to a store where several computers are lined against a wall and pay for your internet use.  He said it cost him a penny a minute to use the computer.  As we were talking you could hear traffic and honking in the back ground.  He said life there is so different than the states.  They have no rules on the road.  He said lights turn red and people still drive.  He joked that I would never survive in Colombian Traffic cause it is so crazy. One scary thing he said ... is that he is nearly hit by cars every day because in Colombia cars first then people.  He said the work is hard but so worth it and he is trying his very best to stay obedient to the Lord.  He eats plain simple foods daily like, rice and a Chicken bone wrapped in a tortilla and grilled ham and cheese. In Colombia They don't eat dinner.  So just 2 meals a day.  He said the food is plain and he is always hungry!  He says he eats to get full not because it tastes good! Craziest thing he has eaten so far is the fried fish.  He says you eat the entire fish including eyes.  He said the bread there is amazing!!! And probably his favorite thing!  He said in Colombia they celebrate Christmas on the 24th.  It is one big party.  Everyone parties hard all night and then sleeps the entire Christmas day.  So his plans were to spend the 24th with his bishop at their home and on Christmas they would have a planning day.  He says he loves and misses everyone!   He was able to see his pup Sophie and he was calling and whistling to her, she was looking around confused as to where he was.  The best part for us was seeing how Happy He is. You can truly see and feel the pure love of Christ within Mason.  It Brings such peace to our family know he is doing so well.  He is an awesome Missionary!  He wishes you all a very Merry Christmas. And said Please write!

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