Monday, December 8, 2014


Well This week was really interesting for me. Wednesday Elder Mirzari and I were eating lunch when all of a sudden we got a phone call from our zone leaders. I answered the phone and they told me that they had some news for me. That I was getting Emergency Transferred. That I needed to have my bags packed in two hours and that I was headed to Neiva. So that was a really weird way to start of my day. We ate lunch with one of our favorite families that day and when they lady served us lunch I just started to cry. Haha I felt like I had grown up in Girardot with my Dad. Elder Mizari. We were both in pretty big shock. Then we raced home and I started packing like a mad man. Got it all in my bags in about an hour and headed for the bus terminal. I always knew that Elder Mizari was going to be one of my friends forever. They call your trainer your Dad out here. When we left the house that's when I knew how much he cared for me we started walking away and he started giving me the dad pep talk. That I must always remember who I am and what I stand for, That I must always be an example and that he thinks I'm an awesome missionary. Then we Got to the bus station and that was it ... we bought my ticket and I left never knowing if I'll see him again. So I'm in Neiva. I took like a 2 and a half hour bus ride alone to get here. My new Companion is Elder Hurtado. He's 26 years old!! Haha we are both new to the area. And it's huge and I have to say I have never been so stressed in my life. I don't really know what the last missionaries did here but they left us nothing. Apparently we have investigators. They left us the names with no phone numbers or addresses. I have to say these last few days have been so hard. Not a bad hard, but we have been looking everywhere. And we are walking too so my feet are absolutely killing me well they were. Haha I can feel my faith growing. All day long I just keeping praying to my Heavenly Father to help us and I can feel the strength. I was so tried yesterday but once we hit the pavement it was like I was filled with a new life full of energy ready to work. Our ward here is awesome though. We are the only ones in the ward. Two missionaries for and entire ward! In Girardot there were 88 missionaries for a branch! So I'm really excited. I can feel the potential here, but it's hard cause we don't have a clue where anything is or where anyone lives. But hey, we are here. We are ready and we have the Lord on our side we can do this. I love you all so very much!! 

Mason and his New companion Elder Hurtado
in His new area Neiva!

This picture is for you Dad ... Thanks for cooking all those years!

Thanksgiving Dinner
Creamed Corn

Thanksgiving Dinner
Turkey Hot Dogs ... yum!

Thanksgiving Dinner Final product!
Smashed potatoes, creamed corn, peas and Turkey Hot dog!

Mason smashing the potatoes with a cup.  It was all he had to use!

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